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    Copying Programs from one DVR to another

    Hello Guys I was just upgraded for free from HR20 to HR21-700 and had a ton of stuff on my old HR20. Is there a way to "send" all of those programs to my other DVR. Im pretty technical when it comes to riggin something up to make it work but wanted to keep from swapping hard drives. Not even...
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    How much would you pay?

    As a Sunday ticket subscriber for 6 years I have put up with alot of crap with Directv and Sunday Ticket. It gets better with each passing year but still isn't heaven in a box. My most rescent issue would be with Blackouts and market shares. That's not why I really started this thread though...
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    My guide is messed up!!

    Hello Guys I have a problem with my Tivo reciever. I have tried a few things but to no avail. I press the guide button and while the guide does display it says "To be announced" for all of my shows. The recorder has stopped recording shows and I have no idea what is on the tube. I have...
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    Anybody have one of these

    I found this site Just curious if anyone had these. If so is it real. Is it legal? Does it get both Dish and Directv at the same time? I always thought of a satellite signal as public information just like A radio station. SS
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    Does Dish have NFL-Sunday Ticket?

    I subscribe to D* but am curious if Dish has a program like the NFL Sunday Ticket? SS
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    What is Wrong with D*

    Directv does not offer local channels in my area. I have had NFLST for the last 5 years and this is the first time they have blocked out games. I live in Texas and am unable to recieve the Bucs/Redskins game and the Texans/Chargers game. I can't get through on the phone lines. I can't watch...
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    Satellite on a boat

    Hey guys and gals I have a basic question I was unable to find much on by searching theis site. I want to recieve satellite signal while on a house boat. Also on a motor home in the future. Does anyone do this. The boat and of course motor home would be moving. Is this possible? Any help...
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    Pioneer Tivo/DVD Burner

    Has anyone bought one of these. I seen an ad in the Entertainment Weekly mag. I got to have one. Where O Where can I find one? Please note that budget will play a role in my purchase. If I read the ad right you can record a show to your tivo. Then if you want a hardcopy you just record it to...