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    satellite 148 w/ Dish500?

    Currently I have Dish500 with twin LNB to get satellite 119 and 110. Is it possible to have satellite 148 by sacrificing one of them? Does it require LNB change or software/installtion setup change? Or, I'd better have additional dish for (additional) sat 148? I have small dish (I think it is...
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    Top 60 to Top 100?

    I just saw they changed the program America's Top 60 channel to Top 100 channel at the same price. I'm currently subscribing Top60. What I shall I do to watch new channels included in Top100? Should I call dishnetwork to subscribe "new service" of Top100? Does it affect any of 18 month...
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    Efficient way to record DVD from DVR

    Is there any efficient way to record video into DVD from DVR? Only traditional way is to record DVD while watching DVR, but I should watch all video to check when it ends. I'd like to record it, say over the night (TV off), by setting up to play multiple DVR videos to be recorded into DVD, and...
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    remote code for Samsung combo unit

    I have been searching the code for Samsung VCR/DVD combo unit (VR-345), but I couldn't find it. This forum is the last hope. I saw a post saying there is sticky post by Scott to list updated codes here, but I can't find it either. I know there is a solution to use a universal remote to control...
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    lease fee for upgraded equipment?

    I own 311 and upgrade to DVR (and disconnect 311). So I have only one DVR connected in a room. - but I don't have to return 311 since I own it. - I just got a statement that they charge me $5 lease fee on top of $5.98 DVR service fee. I thought $5 lease fee is for 2nd & plus receiver, but I...