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    username change request

    Could you change my username from "3dOptics" to "silent_tiger85"? Thanks.
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    TBS 6920 troubleshooting

    I have a TBS 6920. The device sometime disappears from Windows device manager. The device will not tune channels. Has any one else had a similar problem with their TBS 6920? The ADJ 0833 IC gets hotter than the other ICs. I think this component could be faulty. Any troubleshooting tips? Voltages...
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    GEOSATpro GEOSATpro microHD v2 feature requests

    *4:2:0 and 4:2:2 *Video decoder card slot(mpeg2...h264...h265...?) *Tuner card slot 1(dvb...dvbs2...dvbs3...?) *Tuner card slot 2(atsc...?) *DVB Loop out *Make the MicroHD blind scan as fast or faster than x2 Premium HD
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    FTA questions

    If I connected my FTA receiver input to the OTA jack, and then in another room I connected the output from the Gbox to the OTA jack, would it damage the TVs or TV amplifier? If I connected two FTA receivers to the Gbox, would the position of the dish be in sync?
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    Cable/Satellite Companies Channel Packages

    Cable/Satellite companies say they are force to sell channels as a package and they can not provide them a la carte. Different companies own different channels, so why can't the cable/Satellite companies sell those channels in different packages. Fox own channels: Fox News, National Geographic...
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    Pursuit Channel on DSR410?

    I have a DSR 410 and I would like to receive the Pursuit Channel. In the DSR410's System Settings Menu I pressed: 6, 7, 7, 8 to gain access to the hidden System Configuration Menu, I then selected Manual Tune Frequency. Next, I entered the following: Polarity: Left Frequency: 1030.000 Symbol...
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    SageTV and Skyvision

    1) Open SageTV. If you are using version 6, you will need to manually import the "ImportExportChannelLineup.stvi" file. If you are using version 7, you can install the Import/ExportChannelLineup plugin from the plugin manager. 2) In SageTV, select your Video Source and then in the...
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    SageTV and DVB

    Some channels like LCNTV, Montana PBS, ArirangTV, and other were not viewable in SageTV v6.6. If you are using SageTV v6.6 be sure to download and install the latest native recording patch. The update will fix those channels and also fix some problems with dvb channel scanning. SageTV v7...
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    dsr410 replacement backup battery

    I would like to replace the backup battery in my DSR410. I bought the DSR410 from skyvision some time ago and have no idea the age of the battery. The battery clip that is glued on the battery covers part of the battery number and voltage. Sanyo ?450 ?volts. Can I just replace it with a 4dtv...
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    dsr410 channel lineup

    Channel Pol Name 200 H American Life TV 201 V Biography 202 H BBC America 203 H Bravo 204 H Disney Kids 205 H GameShow Network 206 H HGTV Pacific 207 H HGTV 208 V...
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    SageTV FTA EPG Channels Database

    Attached is Excel and wordpad databases for true FTA channels in SageTV. Just go to your Channel Setup, select "Add channel to lineup", and type in the Station Name and Station ID for the FTA channels you want guide data. I am using dvbDream with SageTV. Attached is the latest DVBdream network...
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    DVBdream and is this channel legally free?

    First, I would like to say that I do not want to steal satellite tv. I was scanning Galaxy 16 and noticed what I thought was a free premium channel. I right clicked on the channel and noticed something located under ECM pids. I then thought this might not be a free channel and I am...
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    Unable to lock FTA digital satellite signals

    I have a 10 foot dish, CoRotator 2 ku/cband lnbs, an analog Chaparral Monterey, a SkyVision DSR-410, and a DVBworld DVB-S2 PCI-Express DW2005. I am able to pickup all the free analog signals on different satellites using my analog receiver. I have the DSR-410 slaved to my analog receiver and...
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    AVerTV Satellite PCI has blindscan????

    AVerMedia MPD-Global - AVerTV Satellite PCI This card is capable of blind scan? Watch free-to-air digital satellite TV and listen to digital radio channels on your PC Auto Scan Transponder by Select satellite 32/64-bit support Satellite Internet Access support Blind-Scan 16-Channel preview...
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    What satellite tuner card is the best?

    I am building a computer that will alow me to watch/record: digital antenna tv, paid satellite(via video input from subcribed receiver), and free satellite. I want to use SageTv to have an all-in-one solution, but I not sure what free satellite tuner card to use. I defenity want to use a pci...
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    Digital Everywhere FloppyDTV

    Can this card be used to pick up free dvb and dvb-s2 channels in the United States? FloppyDTV S2 - Antenna Connector: F-Type 75 Ohm - Input Frequency Range: 950-2150MHz - Supported Modulation: 8PSK/QPSK (DVB-S2), QPSK (DVB-S) - LNB Supply, 13/18V, 22KHz tone, max. 400mA -...
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    what would I gain by upgrading from a 9' to 10' or 12'

    I currently have a 9 foot mesh satellite dish. Would I be able to receive more free digital or hd channels if I upgraded from my 9 foot to a 10 foot or 12 foot dish? If location is a factor I live in central Texas. Thanks.
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    need help id dish and size of dish

    Any idea what brand? The size of the dish?
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    Free Full version ad supported downloadable pc games

    Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War: AusGamers Files - Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War Free Full Game The Suffering: Full Games: The Suffering Free Full Game Area 51: Full Games: Area 51 Free Full Game Full Spectrum Warrior: Full Games: Full Spectrum Warrior Free Full Game Far Cry...
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    New to C-band satellite, dont understand it

    I currently receive analog(NTSC) and digital/high definition(ATSC) with my hd television with an antenna on my roof. I am interested in getting a satellite system. I understand there is DirecTV and Dish Network, but I do not understand much about C-band/KuBand. I am not interested in anything...