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    Is Using Over Air Antennae for HD Worth it?

    I have HD package with DISH, but do not qualify for HD local channels. I live in San Ramon, CA. I'm thinking about installing an over the air antenna for local HD. Do you folks think it's worth it and do you have any recommendations on specific antennae? Thanks for your input.
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    811 Remote Stopped Working

    Thanks so much. Your suggestion worked!
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    811 Remote Stopped Working

    Before I call Dish Network (argh!), can someone help me with my problem. All of a sudden, the remote on my 811 receiver stopped working. I know the batteries are good since the SAT button lights up. I cannot even power the receiver on with the remote. I have to work it manually by pressing the...
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    Title Pixelation w/ 811 HD

    I have a 811 HD receiver. The best way I can describe my problem (new DISH customer) is that when I view the guide, the letters are either pixelated or missing. It's has become so bad that I cannot even read the guide. Anyone seen something similar? Any ideas on fixes? Thanks in advance.
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    Why No Fox Sports West 2? the risk of sounding completely ignorant, what is a "spotbeam?"
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    Why No Fox Sports West 2?

    Now I know I'm probably in the minority here, but.... I'm a new Dish customer after coming over from DTV. How come Dish does not offer Fox Sports West 2 to customers outside of the Southern California market? When I was with DTV, I'd pay an additional $10/month to receive all the Fox Sports...