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    Channel Question

    I want to ask a question about a channel? I can get a listing on it and a signal. But no picture or sound. I would like to put the channel in this forum but I am not sure if it is the right thing to do. I thought I saw a posting telling us not to list a channel by name.:)
  2. J

    NO Sound?

    I have a coolsat 5000. And after the blind search I went thur the channels and found some that didt have any sound. I was wondering if there is a trick to get the sound to work.
  3. J

    Coolsat ??

    I have a coolsat 5000. I wanted to add some satellites that are not in the coolsat. I know that I have to enter the satellite postion. But do I have to enter transponders?
  4. J

    Coolsat 5000 motor setup?

    Thanks so much for your help. You guys are the best. On my coolsat motor setup page, under the satellite selection there is a selection for a freq. What do I set this for. Is this information on the LyngSat web page? :)
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    LNBF information

    Hi guys I was just wondering if there is a post or web page to help setup the LNB for each satellite. I looked in the faq but i didnt see one. Thanks:)
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    Am I doing something wrong?

    I am a newbee and just set up my new system. (coolsat 5000 and stuff) I can get the nasa channel and some church channel on 123. My question is the web site lists alot of other channels for free but when I do a bind search they are not there.