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    Hindi Mega Pack price up !! (South Asian)

    Did anybody notice the $5 increase in Hindi mega pack and super pack. I did not even realize that they increased the price till I check the web site. I have classic silver, hd+plat, hindi mega pack.
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    Hot receiver !!

    I have a Vip211k with external hard drive. It's been about 10 months old since I had it. These days it's getting real too hot just for an hour use. I fear it might burn out my cables behind. Any ideas on how to keep it not so hot ??
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    New installation

    I moved from an apartment to a home. On my 2nd floor, I have 2 cable outlets but they are not wired to the main junction outside. I have installation appointment with Dish on 6/10. My question is will the installer take care of wiring to the 2 outlets and if I need any additional outlets...
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    Who is getting what ?? Pls. update for more clarity

    I am really confused with what is available in which package. If you guys can.... Pls. update the in the following manner, only new HD channels: Turbo HD Bronze : Turbo HD Silver : Turbo HD Gold : Turbo HD Platinum: HD Absolute : I have THD Silver and haven't yet checked my channels as I...
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    New pricing, any chance for existing cutomers ?

    Is there a way we can get the new pricing for 6 months too ?? I am a current customer (for 10 yrs) and not under contract. I have AT 200 plus silver HD. The new pricing is $22 for 6 that's a $180 savings compared to current price of $54/month.
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    Lexington Locals in HD

    Anyone know if and when Lexington KY HD channels will be avalible?
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    DISH'n It Up 1st HD AO ?? - What does that mean ??

    I have got only international package and VIP211k receiver. Today when I checked my programming on-line it shows my international package and DISH'n It Up 1st HD AO. I saw on the website that DISH'n It Up is a promotion where you can upgrade your receiver to an HD-DVR for a fee but what's...