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    Will Dish need to match DTV's free DVRs?

    Ahh... interesting... if the DTV rumor is true, Charlie will HAVE to match it. His MPEG4 HD DVR will need to be given away free with commitment! (ya know this is just a $0 lease... the lost $'s will just be thrown into the package cost...) Everyone STOP buying your equipment! (You early 921...
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    811 Existing Customers program status

    I just called Dish and they are STILL taking orders for the 811 at $199/$149 for existing customers but they put you on a wait list and will call you when it comes in. You lock in the price but don't get charged for it yet. Current wait time? 4-6 weeks! OUCH!
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    811-"Acquiring Satellite Signal" - STILL?!?!

    I am still getting the classic 6000 annoyance with Acquiring Satellite Signal when sitting on OTA for awhile and then going to sat. Is this still there in order to verify you have Dish service? Or is it still a bug? It really looks to me that this software is just a port from the 6000. I...
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    So, what's the holdup? 811/921

    Before yesterday the word on the street was the 811 was ready to ship any day and the 921 was shortly behind it with no major issues. Now why both in (late?) December? I thought the 811 was good to go? Surely its not a very complex receiver. Functionally its the same as the 6000. Only real...
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    SuperDish install: Do we keep old stuff?

    With the SuperDish install will they also take down the Dish 500 (and wing dish) as part of the install? Do they keep the equipment and cabling or can we?
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    What's the chances for an existing customer 811 deal?

    Are we safe to pre-order now at MSRP or should we wait for a direct deal for existing customers? Or does Dish think that the 6000 deal is their HD break for existing customers? I'm willing to commit! Also, does a commitment now block us from making more commitment later for SuperDish deal...
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    Questions on 811/921 OTA program guide

    In other discussions it was stated that program information would come down from Dish for locals obtained over the air. A few questions: 1. Will this guide info come down for those that don't subscribe to locals (I would hope so) 2. Would guide info be provided for locals that Dish does...
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    So, what's in the development hopper for later?

    For those trying to decide whether to bite or not on this new generation of receivers, whats on tap for the next generation? I guess we can make some presumptions: - All next gen receivers will incorporate HD - All next gen receivers will incorporate OTA HD for locals - DVR functionality...