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    Using an Analog receiver for FTA

    I'm new to this, thanks for your patience. Can I mount the KU in the same feedhorn I have the Cband in right now? Which box would drive the dishmover?
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    If you cancel, watch your CC

    I cancelled Voom on 7/1 and they went ahead and billed my CC on 7/23. Now they say they owe me money, but the guy first said it would take 6-8 weeks. I told him it only took them a second to take it from me, why 8 weeks to get it back, could he send me to his manager? Then he said he was told...
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    VOOM and Installs Inc: 1 for 5

    Here's how it goes: When I signed up for VOOM and had given them my address they had my zip down as 33542, "I said no, it's 33549" a minimum of 3 times. Well install day comes and I get a call from an installer who is a couple hundred miles away saying he can't find my address. I told him...
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    Finally Cancelled

    Thanks so much for your info on this site. It really helped me get up and running to evaluate VOOM. It's not for me though. I just had cable installed today and I'm going to give that a try. $44.95 w/HD DVR, DiscoveryHD, TNTHD, InHD1, InHD2, HDNet, HDNet movies, HBOHD, SHOHD, local HD for...
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    Voom ratings and parental control

    I set the parental control to PG to show my wife. I switched to the divine channel to show her how it works. Well it switched to the channel, some lady was in a sex toy shop with dildo's and sex toys, she flipped through a book showing guys having sex, and then it panned to a poster showing a...
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    Dish or DirecTV for HD

    I switched to VOOM from D* a month back, but will be dropping VOOM. What I would like to know is how does E* stack up against D* for HD? I know the new D* sat is going to help in the future, but should I wait until more HD rolls out on D* to switch? Does the new sat have WM9 or MPG4...
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    divine in the PG

    Why didn't divine show up instead of cinema10 in the guide today?
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    Channel Lockup

    Wierd, Yesterday I was tuned to OTA digital channel 3 in our area. Then I would use the program guide or just the UP/DOWN channel button to change stations. The info at the bottom would change, but the station was still channel 3. It never moved. When I pressed info it showed the info fo...
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    DVI output level

    Does anyone know if the DVI out from the STB puts out 0-255 or 16 - 235?
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    Sound out on Monsters

    Did anyone else have trouble with the sound on Monsters yesterday around 5-6 PM? It was crackling like crazy for me.
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    ESPNHD and NHL Playoffs

    Why would ESPN show that basketball game in HD tonight over the Stanley cup playoffs? I live in Tama and the past few games on ESPN have been in HD, but tonight is SD 'cause of the basketball game. Seems to me the playoffs would generate more business.
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    VOOM Program Schedulers!!!!!

    Thanks for some of the OAR stuff we have seen on cinema. I really am enjoying the cinema channels. I have a request. Until someone can actually get Sci-fi in HD can you try to push some more sci-fi stuff? I like the old Godzilla flicks, etc.., but don't really consider it sci-fi. I would...
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    Gotta Love Texas CSM

    I loved watching the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Saturday. It was a great transfer and just morbid fun. Also, the rest of the days programming showed us how ridiculous TCSM II and III where. The original is definitely a classic.
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    Anyone using the RF out?

    I see the back of the STB has an RF antenna out for channel 3 or 4 above the coax out for RF to the set. Is this a re-broadcast at 480i? If so, anyone know the power? I was hoping to get a small antenna for it and re-boradcast to some SD sets in the house on channel 4.
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    ESPN and website

    It just seems unbelievable to me that after all of this work they didn't have a website update ready to go this AM. No ESPN on the website.
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    Vertical Lines

    I am seeing a dashed vertical line in the pillar on the right when I pillarbox SD material @ 1080i or 720p from the rcvr. I know it isn't the cables 'cause it is on component and DVI. I am new to VOOM, was this present in the old firmware, or is it a new "feature"? Thanks, Ray
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    VOOM Power level

    What is a good rx power level for the box? I was jsut installed and show hi 80's to 90 as an average on the dish and OTA.