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  1. Terryinhermon

    Offline watching

    The inverter we have is 120v squarewave ac. It is not a pure sinewave. Will this work with the dvr?
  2. Terryinhermon

    Offline watching

    We have a camper in a wilderness area in northern Maine. We spend 3 days a week there. Is there any way to watch Dish Network DVR recordings while we are there? We have solar power (hence 12vdc) and propane, and a TV to watch DVD's in the evenings. We thought it would be nice to be able to watch...
  3. Terryinhermon

    TV 2 remote problem

    I will do my best to explain this annoyance for my husband. He received a new flat screen tv for Christmas. He installed it in the garage (about 100 ft. from the house). Everything works fine except for changing the channels. He has to aim the remote toward the house, or go about halfway...