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    Any market for used C-band equipment?

    I have just switched from C-band to Dish Network and am curious: is there any market for my 10-foot Orbitron dish and its C and Ku-band LNBs, and for a nearly new DSR922 receiver, or is it not worth the trouble? (I'm in New York--Hudson River Valley.) Stephan Wilkinson
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    Primetime 24: NBC inop

    Thank you! That at least begins to solve my problem, since now my receiver at least recognizes that NBC is at G9/X9 502, though I havenb't yet been able to tune it in. I'd assumed that since CBS and ABC were at 500 and 501 on W3/K3, NBC was at 502 on the same satellite. My mistake. Stephan
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    Primetime 24: NBC inop

    This is my first post, and it's hard to tell if I'm on a big-dish or little-dish forum, but my problem involves a 10-foot combined C and Ku band dish, Motorola 922 analog/digital receiver. When the networks recently discontinued their analog signals on W3 and moved to the co-located Ku band...