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  1. Chris36

    Lifetime Networks Logos are missing

    I don't know if it's anything at all I notice tonight that the logos of A&E, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network, History are missing I don't know if it might be a upcoming dispute or maybe it's nothing. Maybe they are updating the logos not sure. Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
  2. Chris36

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet question

    I got the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet. Is there a way to mirror to a Samsung Smart TV at all. I mean you would see the same thing on the Tablet not the All Share feature App where you can see pictures and videos and music. I bought a MHL cable but it didn't not connect to the TV at all. I got it...
  3. Chris36

    Joey shuts off!

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed or not. On the Joey in the bedroom it shuts off by itself when I'm watching something. Is it the Joey or something very simple to fix? I have the Hopper With Sling and the one Joey that's it. Thanks, Chris
  4. Chris36

    Best Device for Slingbox viewing??

    I need some advice on what device to watch for streaming for Slingbox. I have the iPhone 5 with the SlingBox App but when I hook it up to the TV with a HDMI cable if does not fill the screen for viewing. On my laptop with the HDMI it fits the TV screen fine. But I don't have the wifi high...
  5. Chris36

    New IPTV service? I think I posted this a few years ago. I think there are getting closer to launch now. You buy a IPTV box and you can watch TV like you do with cable or satellite it shows what channels will be available or different packages. I didn't know what other people's...
  6. Chris36

    Question about HDMI

    Is there a difference with 3D HDMI at all with the picture or audio or it's the same as a regular HDMI? Thanks, Chris
  7. Chris36

    Uplink Report for this week question

    I saw on the other site they were 120 changes mostly locals this week. But are the rest of the 77 Locals going to 61.5 in the next week or so?? That was basically what I saw but not 100% sure so I didn't know if someone can clarify if this is going to happen. Thanks, Chris
  8. Chris36

    Smart TV Samsung 50" 3D LED

    I got a New Samsung TV LED today. I'm not used to all these options yet. How do you find the right picture to display. It seems like the people are whiter then they should be. I see there's white balance. Something with dark, darker and darkest not sure if that's the tones. I had another...
  9. Chris36

    A good OTA antenna outdoor

    Hello, I want to get a better antenna. Right now I have a indoor antenna. I have seen that Radio Shack has them that go for 60 miles for UHF and 100 for VHF. I'm in zip code 02885. I want to get the Boston locals a little stronger. I can't put the antenna on the roof. I know it would be...
  10. Chris36

    LG TV 3D with Magic Remote

    Hello, Does anyone have this TV or have seen it at all? I saw it on HSN tonight a 47 or 55" inch. And you can talk into the remote has full Internet etc. I'm looking on buying a new TV. Thanks, Chris
  11. Chris36

    No Uplink this week??

    Is there a uplink report today or no because of the Team Summit?? Thanks, Chris
  12. Chris36

    Slingbox question

    Can you used a Apple TV with AirPlay from your iPhone to used the Slingbox App or it won't work through the Apple TV?? Thanks, Chris
  13. Chris36

    Software 308 is out

    I wanted to let everyone know 308 is out on the Hopper. I haven't got a chance to see if there anything new or not. Chris
  14. Chris36

    Filmon App

    Hello, I wanted to let everyone know that Filmon launch the Boston locals CBS, ABC NBC and Fox. I can watch it on my iPhone and on my Roku. It must be because I'm near the Boston market that's why I think I'm getting them. A article says that Filmon has 35 locals available but I could only...
  15. Chris36

    Software 304 Released

    I wanted to let you know there's a new software update I got early this morning 304. I don't see any changes I could be wrong. Chris
  16. Chris36

    Local Channel Info?

    Hello, I had a question about the program Guide Info for my local channels. When I had the 922 a few years ago. I got all the right info for all my locals but now. With the Hopper I just get the call letters like WNAC, WPRI, WLNE etc it has it for the sub channels but not the main channel. And...
  17. Chris36

    Hopper with Sling Software 302 Released

    I wanted to let everyone know I got a new software this morning of 302 I didn't really see anything new at all with this update.
  18. Chris36

    OTA Signal on Hopper

    I was trying to do a search just now. If its been answered sorry for asking the same question. Is it better now with the Hopper then say a 722?? I know with the 722 it keep cutting out quite a bit. Chris
  19. Chris36

    Bulgarian Tv

    Does anyone know if its any where on the net at all?? A friend of mine is from there he just left this week. Be nice to try and learn the language. Someone said its kinda like Russian but not 100% sure. Thanks, Chris
  20. Chris36

    ITunes Match

    I think I'm in the right forum. I bought the year subscription to ITunes Match. Has anyone else done it?? If I understand it right the songs go to iCloud and you have more space on your iPhone correct??? I have 10G now before I had about 1G. Thanks, Chris