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  1. MergaTroy6

    Cablevision Balks at Clearwire?

    I found this over at CableRant. Pretty cool for those of us in the Cablevision service area.
  2. MergaTroy6

    New Channel 8/9

    Starting on 8/9 MavTV will be available in all areas on channel 411. (except Woodbury Spectrum) You must subscribe to the iO Sports Pak to receive MavTV. The channel will be launched from 8/7-8/9. MavTV – Network For Men – Male Content – Sports, Laughs, Gaming, Gadgets...
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    More HD, kinda

    Starting at midnight on 12/31, so really 1/1, SNY HD and YES HD will be carried full time.
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    NEW HD Local Channel -MY HD9 Available Thursday September 14, 2006

    Effective Thursday, September 14, 2006, My9 HD (formerly WWOR HD), will be available in all service areas (except Litchfield and Woodbury Spectrum) to customers who have a high definition (HD) iO digital converter or a CableCARD equipped digtal cable ready HDTV. My9 HD will be launched over a...
  5. MergaTroy6

    New Channels, Includes TCM

    Fianlly, I'm not on vacation when they announce some new channels. The Tube- Effective Thursday, August 24, 2006, The Tube, a music video network, will be available to all iO Broadcast Basic and above customers on channel 184. The channel will also be available to business customers as part...
  6. MergaTroy6

    The Elusive Voom Elliptical Dish

    I was going through my comp files and came across this gem. I took this photo a few weeks before Voom folded. (luckily I transferred back to CV just in time). It was photos of the possible models for the Voom elliptical dish.
  7. MergaTroy6

    ESPN Pay Per View

    This one is good if you can't plunk down over $100 for the whole season. Beginning Thursday, October 27, 2005, ESPN GamePlan, an iO subscription sports package will also be available on Saturdays for order on a Pay-Per-View basis. Games will be shown every Saturday beginning Saturday, October...
  8. MergaTroy6

    More Upgrades

    Upgrades to the GUI wil roll out this week across the service area. It is mainly to fix bugs with the user guide such as the audio clipping out when you bring up the guide and the picture flickering. Its basically to give the appearance of a smoother transition. The new software version...
  9. MergaTroy6

    Optimum Store Updates

    Cablevision Optimum Store Updates If you need parts the Cablevision Optimum Stores (Walk in Centers) have changed some pricing and will begin carrying some much needed items. Here are the changes. Effective 9/1/05 2 way, 3 way, 4 way splitters FREE Barrel Connectors, Fittings, Clips (bag)...
  10. MergaTroy6

    Cablevision Offers Dell Comp $199

    Just got this one. Beginning Thursday, September 1, and continuing through Monday, October 31, 2005, Cablevision will offer all new and existing Cablevision customers within the Bronx, Brooklyn, Newark, Hudson, Paterson, Bayonne, Yonkers, and Bridgeport service areas the opportunity to...
  11. MergaTroy6

    8300 Software Update

    There will be a software update for the 8300 DVR, standard and hi def. It is scheduled to take place today and tomorrow. It is going to fix some problems which I noticed people have been experiencing on this board. Namely, the DVR fails to record a program that is on the record list and the...
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    HD PPV Alert

    Hopkins vs Taylor Hi-Def Pay-Per-View Event On Saturday, July 16, 2005, Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins will fight Jermain Taylor in a 12 round Undisputed World Middleweight Championship fight, live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. This pay-per-view (PPV) event will be offered in both...
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    New HD Channels and software updates

    Straight from the office inbox: Effective Thursday, July 14, 2005, WB HD will be available in all service areas. An iO HD (high-definition) converter or a CableCARD equipped cable-ready HDTV is required. The launch will take place over a three-day period (July 12 – July 14) as outlined in...
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    Yes Hd

    Does anyone have any idea why YES HD was broadcasting with the blue "YES" bars during yesterday's home game. I thought the channel was 16:9.
  15. MergaTroy6

    Elliptical Dish

    I was walking around the office today and stumbled upon a mountain of gold. There was a mock up with four dishes. The original 18in and 3 elliptical dishes of varying sizes. The smaller of the ellipticals was actually branded with the Voom logo.
  16. MergaTroy6

    Notes from VOOM Management to Employees

    I got this today.MEMORANDUM TO: DISTRIBUTION FROM: JAMES DOLAN DATE: FEBRUARY 28, 2005 RE: VOOM TRANSITION The Board of Directors of Cablevision has been unable to reach an agreement with certain Class B shareholders regarding the sale of the VOOM business and, therefore, the Board has...