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  1. lacubs

    onn. 36'' 2.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

    got 2 Questions on this soundbar, can i hang this Soundbar? and when i get this hook up by HDMI will everything come through the soundbar? my tv and my xbox? or does each need there each HDMI hook up ? thanks
  2. lacubs

    Data Plan Enabled tablet

    i need a tablet that i can put on my brother phone plan , can you tell the best way to search for a tablet that can do that thanks
  3. lacubs

    NHL Network

    what is the cheapest way to steam NHL Network? i wish they the feed on,thank
  4. lacubs

    HULU question

    i think I asked before but what is better adding movies channels to my Hulu Account or buying from their website? like HBO MAX, STARZ , SHOWTIME, thanks
  5. lacubs

    LP Question or a NBA Question

    do you know why I would be getting The New York Knicks games on the MSG Network and I don't have NBA LP and i am in PA, i just noticed this last week
  6. lacubs

    espn+ Question

    i had espn+ for a few months now and I still can't figure out what MLB games are on espn+ and what games requires a subscription, is there a way to tell? thanks
  7. lacubs

    Hulu Question

    in a week or 2 i will moving on from Directv ( unfortunately) with Hulu i can see you add on HBO MAX, STARZ, CINMAX, SHOWTIME, EPIX do you get there ondemand or is just there live channels? what do i get?
  8. lacubs

    Bar Rescue

    is this show on any streaming network? thanks
  9. lacubs

    Xbox External Hard Drive Question

    can i reformat a External Hard Drive to use on a Xbox One? that I use on my pc for years that i clean off so i use it for Game Pass Thanks
  10. lacubs

    PROSCAN Remote question

    my father order me a replace remote for my for mine PROSCAN tv and I got it today and when i turn it on with the new remote , the picture was totally different half dark , but when use my old remote , my tv picture when back to normal , do why this is? and how to make my new remote with my tv...
  11. lacubs

    Amazon Prime Question

    Mine subscription is up in October and I not renewal is there a way to put a stop it right now so i don't forget and I still get until my last day? if I press the End Membership button right now will end it right now or mine end of mine subscribe date? thanks
  12. lacubs

    Norton 360

    i got email about 10 days ago with a free upgrade, is worth it ? thanks
  13. lacubs

    Ipad Question

    i have an like 5 years Ipad still works great for i use it for, but last night when i updated the apps, it's told me i needed the newest ISO software update, but when i go to the update it's have none, does it means mine Ipad is getting too old for newly apps updates? or how can get or force the...
  14. lacubs

    ps4 Question

    i have a PS4, but I haven't use in few years , can anyone please tell me if I need a subscription to the playstation network to just watch Netflix & WWE Network Thanks
  15. lacubs

    MLB Question

    is the freeview over? Thanks
  16. lacubs

    Olympic Question

    are all the hockey on the The USA Network ? so i can record the series
  17. lacubs

    snow question

    i been without directv for about a week now because of snow, i can't get my dish to clear it off, and Erie Pa has been hit by record account of snow, what can i do beside of a water gun?
  18. lacubs

    927 Error

    what is 927 Error? I downloaded a 3 minute tv show catch up, and when i when to watch it i got 927 Error thanks
  19. lacubs

    Local dispute

    just out of curiosity what is Directv record with getting Local Channels back? a few weeks or more? thanks
  20. lacubs

    Live Chat

    how does the Live chat work on because i type very slow? just out of curiosity