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  1. Hazelwood

    Paint your primestar

    How many cans did you use? I used the Krylon fusion for plastic in the spring on an old lawn chair and it took like 4 cans.
  2. Hazelwood

    Snow on dish.

    I fell for the Pam thing too. Had to go out and scrape all the bugs off the dish. WD-40 works well. So does the trash bag Vfrjim suggested.
  3. Hazelwood

    Equipment Rack and Setup

    Linuxman, if you ever have a yard sale give me a call lol. Nice set up!
  4. Hazelwood

    Help on what to buy

    Skyvision has programing for big dishes. If you check their web site it will show you what you need. C-band Satellite Programming - Packages and A la Carte
  5. Hazelwood

    What's on Your FTA Christmas List?

    Oh, and for the neighbors to quit coming up to me when I'm working on my dishes and asking me if I can "do that thing to their cards to get free channels" or "can ya talk to aliens with that thing?" That would be the best Christmas gift.
  6. Hazelwood

    What's on Your FTA Christmas List?

    A receiver that can move my big dish and a new servo motor :(
  7. Hazelwood

    Soundtrack Channel gone?

    That'll teach me to hit refresh before I post. Sorry Lucky53
  8. Hazelwood

    Soundtrack Channel gone?

    It's still on Galaxy 23 C band.
  9. Hazelwood

    Your opinion counts

    Old please. Some browsers choke on the mouse over menus. Plus they're hard for us with hand tremors to deal with. :)
  10. Hazelwood

    PCI DVB-S cards and HD

    I'll have to look but there's a mod you can do to add an external power supply but I've never had any problems. I've even ran a motor off of mine. The only time I've read about any problems they have been traced back to the PC's power supply. As long as your PC's power supply is strong you...
  11. Hazelwood

    PCI DVB-S cards and HD

    I have had a 1020a for years now and it's been great. DVB PCI is a lot of fun if you like to experiment and tweak.
  12. Hazelwood

    Lyngsat Lite

    Just curious, what's the difference between using that software and just hitting alt / print screen on the keyboard and pasting it in any photo editing software?
  13. Hazelwood

    Heartland Dish

    If I remember correctly, we had heartland here years ago and they used an antenna like this one. May not be the same thing
  14. Hazelwood

    Satellite Installation in a Townhome?

    Does she have a balcony or an area where you could put up a tripod and dish? It wouldn't technically be "installed"
  15. Hazelwood

    How to change polarity manually?

    Thanks, that did the trick. Hope the new toys to get here soon before I wear out the ladder.
  16. Hazelwood

    How to change polarity manually?

    I really appreciate the offer but I don't have a receiver that can work with a servo motor.
  17. Hazelwood

    How to change polarity manually?

    Good idea. I'm using a cordless drill to move it until my V-box comes in. Just want to watch galaxy 11 V tomorrow and Sunday and I have it set on H.
  18. Hazelwood

    How to change polarity manually?

    Thanks, didn't just want to start twisting on it before I asked. :hatsoff:
  19. Hazelwood

    How to change polarity manually?

    I have a Chaparral feed horn that controls the polarity of the LNB with a servo motor and the motor is bad. I'm switching to a voltage controlled LNB but I'd like to switch it from H to V in the meantime. I've taken the old servo motor off and there's a shaft there. Does anyone know which...
  20. Hazelwood

    SatelliteAV Motorized System Giveaway, We Have a Winner!

    The Mercury II. Fortec has been around for years. I've bought too many "latest and greatest" receivers only to find they suck at C Band and Ku linear. The power scan features sound great for blind scanning between a frequency range instead of going through the entire band. Thanks for the...