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  1. N6BY

    TiVo boot loop

    I have a Tivo Series 3 with lifetime and an expanded hard drive. It has been trouble free since day one. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that it rebooted every time I turned it on. But after that it worked. Now when I turn it on it just boots over and over again. I do have a TiVo series 3...
  2. N6BY

    SOLD!! TiVo HD Series 3, TCD652160, Lifetime Service, plus accessories

    I am selling my Tivo TCD652160 HD Series 3 with a lifetime subscription. I am including everything you need with the TiVo (the remote control, HDMI cable, power cord, the viewers guide manual, and some other cables). It's $60 plus my actual shipping cost from California. This is a great deal...
  3. N6BY

    Upgrading from Hopper Duo to Hopper 3

    I am on month 11 of a 2 year contract. I have a Hopper Duo and am considering upgrading to a Hopper 3. I am watching on only 1 TV. WIll Dish let me do this? If so, would they mail me a Hopper 3 and include a mailer to send back the Hopper Duo? Or would it require an installer visit. And what...
  4. N6BY

    Engine noise coming through cigarette power adapter

    Do any of you guys with portable Sirius radios like the Starmate (not factory built-in) have engine noise coming in through the cigarette power adapter. It is very noticeable in the audio. I have a friend with this problem. At first I thought the noise was coming in through the aux input line...
  5. N6BY

    SOLD!! Orby DVR, Dish, and TV antenna

    I'm selling my Orby DVR which is in "like new" condition for $100 plus shipping. I paid $200 for it earlier this year. Also selling my Orby Dish and terrestrial antenna for $25 plus shipping. Note: The dish does not include a mounting pole. Send me a message with your zip code for a shipping...
  6. N6BY

    Birdview LNBF mount

    The photo shows the LNBF mount I am trying to use with my Birdview dish. The LNBF is held in place using an interference fit that has some black electrical tape wound around the throat. I used the same mount with my previous Birdview dish and it worked OK, but not great. I need to come up with...
  7. N6BY

    OSMio 4K custom settings in TNAP for Universal LNBF

    I have a universal LNBF. How do I set it up so it does not waste time blind scanning the low KU band (10.7-11.7)? I think I tried 10750, 0, 0 and the Mio put up an error message. What are the correct parameters for Universal High band only?
  8. N6BY

    Picked up a Birdview Dish today

    I found a Birdview dish on Craigslist several days ago listed with a title of "Free scrap metal". Fortunately when you do a Craigslist search it also searches the body of the message, because my search was for 'large satellite dish'. Below is a clip of the ad: I got another Birdview dish...
  9. N6BY

    OTHER TBS6983 - one tuner seems to have died - what to do?

    I have a TBS6983 which has worked well for many years. Recently one of the tuners has stopped working. It was intermittent for a while, but now it hasn't worked after multiple attempts. Could it be a bad connection? Anyone have a similar experience? Advice on how to fix it? Thanks.
  10. N6BY

    Question about replacement DVR

    So my first DVR locks up after a couple of days and requires a power cycle to regain functionality. Orby sent me a replacement DVR today. Do I just go online and activate the new receiver using the 'Add Room' button, or do I have to call Orby and have them activate it since its a replacement...
  11. N6BY

    Main page view is scrambled

    Below is what I see on the main page now. Tried it with both Chrome and Firefox. Not sure why this is happening?
  12. N6BY

    Having trouble with TBS6983 DVB card

    One of the tuners in my TBS6983 does not seem to be working anymore. Has anyone else ever had that happen with a TBS card? The weather has been stormy and maybe static electricity zapped it? What to do?
  13. N6BY

    Orby terminated my service after I upgraded -- without cause!

    I bought an Orby DVR at Best Buy and activated service on April 24th. I paid $44 for the Essentials Package + DVR fee. Then on May 5th I decided to add the Extras Pack for $10 a month more. They charged me $25.48 for that (see attached screen shot from my Orby account). The reason it was not $10...
  14. N6BY

    Just installed Orby TV - first impressions

    I bought an Orby DVR from Best Buy (curbside pickup) and installed it yesterday. Then I dumped Youtube TV. All I had to do was move the motor on my KU dish to 117 and plug it in. It took about 1/2 hour for the channel guide to fully populate. My first reaction was that the picture quality was...
  15. N6BY

    Ran out of space in main circuit breaker panel, what to do?

    (This isn't about FTA but I couldn't think of anywhere else to put it. Moderators please feel free to move it.) I want to get a hot tub and am getting the wiring ready in advance. It will require 240V with a maximum draw of 50 amps. I thought I was all set because the home builder put a sub...
  16. N6BY

    Little ugly dish

    My 8.5' Birdview dish was damaged when we had our patio put in, and I had to move it out of the way and put it back. After I put it back it could not receive KU band. It was either the high wind gusts that did it in, or maybe mishandling when it was taken off and put back on the mount. So I...
  17. N6BY

    Need help setting up an OS Mio+ for use with a manually operated dish motor

    So far I have been using my OS Mio+ only with a fixed 1.2M dish aimed at 99W. Today I bolted the 1.2M dish onto my Birdview motor. The Birdview motor is powered by a GBox, which is not connected to the Mio and does not use USALS. (I just move the motor east or west using the motor's remote...
  18. N6BY

    Have you ever not been able to get a dish to work?

    My 8.5' Birdview dish served me well for 4 1/2 years. A couple of months ago I had to move the dish out of the way because we were having a patio installed. I bolted the pedestal base to a 4x4' sheet of plywood and it didn't take me long to get it realigned to the arc. All was well. Then two...
  19. N6BY

    Thinking of switching from Consolidated Communications to Comcast

    We've been a customer of Consolidated Communications for about 6 years. My wife and I are sick and tired of their confusing bills with dozens of obscure charges and credits. Gradually and without warning the bill keeps going up every month. Then approximately every year we call them and they...
  20. N6BY

    Help - Need U4 Quad Hybrid remote control codes

    I broke the remote control for my U4 Quad Hybrid DVB-S2 receiver. It got caught under my rocking chair and crushed. The circuit board is broken in half. :eeek I looked all over and replacement remotes are no longer sold. I think the company (Vivant) went out of business. So -- I probably need...