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  1. jontheophilus

    Recordings Cover Art?

    Should I be seeing covert art on my PTAT and timer recordings? I see the cover art via the sling app, but not on the Hopper/Joeys. We also turned on PTAT last night, but its not giving me the option to autohop? I thought after 1am it would work? Thanks!
  2. jontheophilus

    New Hopper Install Today - Question About Wiring

    I am new to Dish, going with a 1 Hopper, 2 Joey setup to start. I've never had any satellite service at my house, so this will be a new install. I assume the tech will run 1 or 2 new coax lines from the dish to my homerun box in the basement. My question is this, if at some point I want to add...
  3. jontheophilus

    Remove Joey from Account?

    I tried searching for this, but most threads seem related to canceling everything. Let's say I setup myself with 2 Hoppers and 2 Joey, can I remove one the of Joeys from my account and send it back to Dish? Say in the situation I find we can't justify the $7/month for a TV that's never watched...
  4. jontheophilus

    New Customer - HR44 in Indianapolis Market?

    Thinking of switching from Comcast, anyone know if the HR44 is available in Indianapolis yet? I know if you order via online/phone they will not guarantee equipment, but I'd like to get an idea before I order. Sounds like when the tech calls prior to install you can ask what equipment and delay...