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  1. gabshere

    Questions for prototype build of feedhorn laser tool

    ok folks i'm lining up parts to build a prototype feedhorn laser tool questions i need answered dot or cross hair laser ? do you want the tool to fit only the lnb opening or both scaler and lnb opening? this is a basic tool and trying to keep cost down , should be able to post pic...
  2. gabshere


    Hello again guys been a few days (years) since i got to play with my c-band system and i only get to play with it for a couple of days ..... its dark now and i'm still out there 88 degrees 90% humidity 7 1/2 ft unimesh vbox III Micro HD dual output C-band LNBF i can hit S2 on 91...
  3. gabshere


    ads I know i'm under the non subscription side of the house but at least 1/2 the ads are the same, running for "League of Angels" something that although its animated / CGI would have a hard time explaining to my wife if she walked in, that it "is just an ad" these i would consider...
  4. gabshere

    iphone personal hotspot or Mobile Hotspots / Verizon Jetpack

    my wife and I currently have Verizon plan that is shared i think it has700m voice, unlimited messages, 2gb data ( for about 160 p/month) my iphone 4 has the ability to be a hotspot ( i think it says i have to check with verizon to set it up ) don't know if this entails a cost we...
  5. gabshere

    Rasberry pi

    Since this is a techy geeky type if forum with all the geeks here. How will this be incorporated into. The fta side of the house ? Home theater add on. USB fta micro puter system. Just curious since this small footprint puter seem to add several things in a small package.
  6. gabshere

    Fun Fun Fun :) old receivers

    well i got a few days off to go back home and some time to play with my old system .... some of my gear is up at Baltimore ( MicroHD , Coolsat 5k ) so i'm stuck here playing with old boxes ... trying to get them to play nice :) working with a pansat 2700a - its filled with out dated...
  7. gabshere

    FS: AZBOX Elite HD , Solomend PVR800, Diamond 9000HD PVR

    For sale: AzBox Elite HD FTA receiver I'm selling it for $160 shipped anywhere in the Lower 48 (US) (or best offer) payable with Paypal (send as gift so no fees) or money order. Comes with unit, remote and power cable (European plug with US adapter). For sale: Solomend PVR800 HD DVB-S2...
  8. gabshere

    Craigslist find world tv & dish

    ok on my craigslist hunting found a listing close so i went to check it out , called guy setup time & went to get it cost was $35 for dish lnb arm lnb & world tv box. the trip was about 60 miles so that wasn't bad. heres what i got a 36 X 27 CM 75E World TV dish with adjustable /...
  9. gabshere

    BirdView Motor & Mount

    BirdView Motor & Mount ok i did get a little bit of time to remove the motor & mount from my front porch to the work area. I'm very limited on time as i live in Arkansas and work in Maryland, so maybe a weekend a month this is just one of my projects that i will start and have to finish...
  10. gabshere

    Just a thought - Warning maybe

    for those of you looking at the newer FTA boxes , as we all know they are getting smaller , in doing so they are also cutting down on the input & output options. several of the boxes i've seen lately have no RF out and only certain output. Plan ahead if your system ( tv ect) can't handle...
  11. gabshere

    Actuator --> add sensors to up the count - - Part 1

    ok in another thread we talked about adding magnets to make the actuator counts go up so here i thought since i was going another way and all actuators aren't build the same. thought i would discuss adding sensors to the motor to make the count go up. first this is from an old...
  12. gabshere

    my firefox doesn't see the security box on the raffle

    my firefox doesn't see the security box on the raffle i just reinstalled FF tonight is there maybe a security setting i missed version 7.0.1
  13. gabshere

    moving my big dishes around

    well after a cold winter and missing the spring to do anything and a very hot summer , i actually got to relocate my small BUD (7 1/2 FT unimesh) movement went smooth. I had originally set in the far back part of the yard out of the way ... so it wouldn't be in the way and was working on...
  14. gabshere

    gabshere's Birdview

    Ok where to start :D Got offered a Birdview from Skewed down in Lousianna (way down lol ) almost to the coast. setup a pickup date and drove down , the drive took about 6 hours ( thats about what we thought made a little better time maybe). Meet Skewed , he gave instructions to his house...
  15. gabshere

    new post/threads but no message

    new post/threads but no message noticed several new post / threads but no text / messages in them
  16. gabshere

    FS: Coolsat 8000 DVB HD/DVB-S2 Receiver

    I'm selling my Coolsat 8000 , used only a few times, works perfectly (I bought another HD receiver that i can edit the channel list) comes with universal remote (not the orginal remote) printed manual from online. HDMI Cable included RS-232 Cable included $200.00 includes s&h +...
  17. gabshere

    Primestar project

    I was thinking about what to do for next months project.... i have 5 primestar dishes which i need to setup i have hughes lnbf for each one , but i was thinking and i need someone who might know about the older primestar lnbfs ( the ones with the seperate H & V outputs) can these be...
  18. gabshere

    This is what i would like to see

    you know after reading hundreds of post and doing searches and trying to learn everything i can on FTA, c-band & Ku. i run across people from all walks of life and realize we all like to list our equipment, our dish farm ect...... well Scott has given us a Gallery area & Blog area and hardly...
  19. gabshere

    galaxy 18 booming today

    its overcast here in arkansas but i did notice my signals on galaxy 18 are up 11.800 is at 93% signal level and 94% quality normally my levels are at 80% on my coolsat 5000
  20. gabshere

    trouble blind scanning with coolsat 5000

    ok for the last week i've been having trouble blind scanning one satellite Galaxy 11 with my coolsat 5000 using version sw 1.01 it locked up the box everytime i tried to scan (and i would have to hard power off & on to get it back) until tonight. i thought it might be like the merc II had...