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  1. amc1

    Galaxy 16 at 99.0°W

    what is on this sattelite now? i been away a long time and only now getting home . my dish has moved .have to line it up again. also need setup instructions for dish and settings on the reciever for cband. need all the help i can get?:confused::(
  2. amc1

    what sattelite has some stuff on it?

    what sattelite has some stuff on it? i been out of the loop for a long while due work commitments.?i dont have anything that does ac3 at the moment.i had g16 but their not much on it anymore.;)
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    g18 ?

    anything on g18 worth watching i moved of it a 1 and half years ago was wondering if their is anything on c-band ?:)
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    whitch should i use?

    whitch should i use as i get mixed up and comfused when trying to get asignal with a compass? Azimuth (true): 220.8° Azimuth (magn.): 241.0° i forget whitch 1 to use.:confused:
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    SatStar is it accurate ?

    just wondering if SatStar is accurate ? i want to move my 6ft c-band dish and want to check spotbeams out.;)
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    is it worth while 87.0°W AMC 3 c-band?

    i was wondering if it is worth while 87.0°W AMC 3 c-band?i was thinking of moving my dish? i live in nfld canada.:D
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    strong transponders ?

    i been out of the loop for a while want to try ang find amc 9 and 125 i was wondering what were good transponders for both sattelites ? :confused:
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    looking for a remote?

    hay guys its been a while and some changes here .just hope i n the write place ? im looking for a remote for my fortech star lifetime classic na any ideas where i can get 1 ? cant seem to find their home page for fortech star?:confused:
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    is history channel on amc4 ?

    is history channel on amc4? i been away for a while and need to line up my dish again.:(
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    i was wondering if is universal or standard lmbf input frequency 11.7-12.2GHz .? cant remember what it is ? it a ku-band lmb. they were on sale at sadom tech .:confused:
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    Free DBS Network ?

    im not sure if is been ever posted here before?Free Direct Broadcast Satellite Network . This looks promising! Whether it will fly is anyone's guess?It would be nice if this works out. :rolleyes:
  12. amc1

    Neosat ipro 1000 ?

    i have a chance to get 1 for a real good deal $10.00 .how good are the Neosat ipro 1000 ? is it worth the bother?:)
  13. amc1

    looking for the topic on this lmb Tele-Comm T-1500?

    Tele-Comm T-1500 Standard Linear Offset LNBF LNB cant seem find the topic on it i ordered a couple today.:D
  14. amc1

    2 bsc 621 lnbs

    for sale 2 bsc 621 lmbs very limit use still in the boxes. 1 standard the other universal. or trade for a good fta reciever ,puffer an old coolsat 4000 or 6000.or 3500 triax might add i paid $88.00 cdn each when i purchased around a year and a half ago..
  15. amc1

    editing in a sattelite?

    i need to edit in a sattelite in to my coolsat 6000 ? i want to put the sattelite 125 (pbs channels) can someone give me a heads up on how to install ? cant seem to find anything in the owners manual .:(
  16. amc1

    making a Conical Scalar Ring?

    i have a scalar ring of my bsc 621 i was wondering if i can rig it up with some aluminin flashing to make a homade Conical Scalar Ring ?before i have to invest $49.00 on somethhing that might not work for me?:(
  17. amc1

    what kind of switch for c-band?

    what kind of switch for c-band would i need i have a lmb whitch i have connection for 2 recievers ,i want to connect 2 more recievers i want to connect 4 all together . what kind of switch would i need?;)
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    what is the easiest signal to find?

    just wondering befor i set up my c-band what is the easiest signal to find? c-band or ku band?:)
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    mixed up with compass ?

    Your location: CANADA - NL - Corner Brook North Latitude: 48.967 West Longitude: 57.95 Please verify that the center of the map is near your actual location, if it is within the map, you will get accurate readings. Map data ©2009 Tele Atlas - Terms of Use Map Satellite...
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    the plate that came with my c-band lmb?

    i was wondering if i need the square plate that came with my c-band lmbf ? i want to use for 99w gallexy 16 .its a dual lmbf 13 degree .:)