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  1. radar7079

    New HD is here

    Encore Westerns HD is a great addition
  2. radar7079

    fox sports dispute

    Since the ACC network is owned by Disney, is Dish's negotiations to air ACC tied into the negotiations for Fox Sports?
  3. radar7079

    ota dongle

    when will the software for the dual tuner ota dongle go into effect?
  4. radar7079

    What's next in 4k programming?

    What's next in 4k programming?
  5. radar7079

    Senior Discount?

    Many businesses offer senior citizen discounts (and others such as military, uniformed police, etc.) but do not publicly advertise or promote them, you have to ask for them. It never hurts to ask.
  6. radar7079

    multiple joeys

    I recently had a hopper 3 installed with a 4k joey and 2 joeys. Now my brother-in-law wants to upgrade to the hopper 3. He would probably need 5 joeys. Is this possible?
  7. radar7079

    hopper ota dongle

    I recently had the hopper 3 and 4k joey installed. I allready have an ota dongle hooked up to the hopper 3. Can a 2nd ota dongle be hooked up to the usb input on the 4k joey?
  8. radar7079

    Full time RSN's on Dish?

    WTF? Looks like all of the RSNs are full time HD (except Longhorn Network)
  9. radar7079


    I would like a Hopper 3 and 4k joey upgrade. Thanks
  10. radar7079

    Local ads on national channels

    starting to see local alabama political ads on the espn network
  11. radar7079

    9/11/2014 19:16 - Uplink Report - 47 Changes

    finally, ION in HD.
  12. radar7079

    voltage required to operate hopper

    Is there a minimum voltage output required to operate a hopper? The reason I ask is that a Dish tech told me to expect problems if the voltage drops below 118 volts. My voltage typically runs 116 to 118 volts. He said they have fewer problems at houses that are running between 118 and 123...
  13. radar7079

    hopper upgrade

    thanks for your help. My 222Ks are owned. My 722Ks are leased.
  14. radar7079

    hopper upgrade

    I'm interested in upgrading to Hopper w/sling, Super Joey, and possibly one or two Joeys. My current set up is two 722Ks and two 222Ks. I no longer have the need for as many tuner options as my current set-up allows, but I still have multiple tvs that I would need to mirror signals to. My...
  15. radar7079

    So who has been attacked by a Directv sales man at a walmart?

    When I asked the Direct rep at Walmart about the status of the SEC Network on Direct, he said it was a "Done deal", but could not be officially announced yet.
  16. radar7079

    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    With the addition of FoxSport1 and NBCSports, I can live without ESPNU in HD, especially if Dish carries the SEC SportsNet in 2014 when that goes live. Regards, Fitzie Me too, but remember that ESPN owns SEC SportsNet, so it would be nice if that deal gets worked out during this negotiation...
  17. radar7079

    Fox Sports 1

    When does Dish's contract for Speed end?
  18. radar7079

    What HD channels do you want added next?

    espnu, epix, wb, pbs
  19. radar7079

    Audio drops on Birmingham AL locals?

    I haven't noticed anything.
  20. radar7079

    Will you cancel Dish because of the new receiver pricing?

    I have 2 leased receivers (622 & 722) and 2 owned receivers and am on AEP. I'll probably drop down to 250. I may keep one premium, but haven't decided which one. It won't be Showtime, because I hardly ever watch it.