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  1. rockhard

    Epson Home Cinema 1080P < $3k MSRP

    Epson America Unveils Industry's First 1080p Resolution Front Projector to Break $3,000 Price Mark This will cause a storm in the industry as prices will crash sharply in order...
  2. rockhard

    Mits 1080p Lcd Hc-5000

    The price preformance bar has been raised again with this lastest entry from Mitsubishi HC-5000 debuting at CEDIA . This is causing quite a stir as it uses the newest D6 superfine INORGANIC panel . Looks like I will be flipping...
  3. rockhard

    Epson 720p Lcd Tw 600

    Here is the latest D5 720P LCD from EPSON TW 600 Euro version of the Cinema Pro 800 ( $2.5K Cdn ) ) review links here -
  4. rockhard

    Breaking News: Blu-Ray now available for purchase - only $299 (April Fools!)

    Breaking News: Blu-Ray now available for purchase - only $299 Posted Apr 1st 2006 8:09AM by Matt Burns Filed under: Digital TV, Industry, Manufacturers [/URL] In a move that has stunned Toshiba and excited HD lovers everywhere, Sony has just released their coveted Blu-Ray player. Best...
  5. rockhard

    Spring is in the air

    How can it be spring if the LEAFS are falling :)
  6. rockhard

    HDTV PVR and HDMI issues

    Quote: - poor HDMI/DVI connection - firmware incompatibilites (either SA or the TV) - no HDCP on some DVI - improperly setting up their STB "wizard" and "settings". Etc. Yes these are all good but My STB was working flawlessly for 6 months with HDMI ouput from Rogers HD8300 PVR...
  7. rockhard

    HP id5280n DLP elininates color wheel uses LED's

    The NEW HP id5280n 52" High Definition DLP HDTV eliminates the bulb and color wheel with LED lighting . see PDF file attached here -
  8. rockhard

    Hitachi TX200 does vertical blanking

    I own a TX100 and will be flipping it January for the newest TX200 (HDPJ52) . The main reasons are the improved CR 7000:1 and next gen 1080P internal processing resulting in better noise free pic. The biggest reason for me is the vertical blanking feature that will allow removal of broadcast...
  9. rockhard

    Anamorphic lense for 2.35:1 DVD movies

    The CEDIA show featured alot of display manufacturers showing autoscoping add on anamorphic lense systems. Quote: Prismasonic anamorphic lens is a high quality optical product to boost your digital projector to the next level. It makes a variable horizontal stretch to the projected image...
  10. rockhard

    CEDIA SHOW hi-lights

    I was there saw the VPL-W100 liked the PQ although there DRC on board processing leaves allot to be desired. It has 800 Lumens and would not want to display it on anything larger than 110" . The PJ will do 1080P/24 no extra add on board needed like the 004 .. They were using a Da-Lite HCCV...
  11. rockhard

    POST CEDIA SHOW musings

    Once again the Joe Kane booth dropped a bomshell with Samsung VPOD hard drive 300 GB HDD player for $300 with two more models coming with 500 GB and 1 TB respectively... Joe took us on his tour of what he is doing in the Broadcast Industry dragging them kicking and screaming into an all...