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  1. jackbyron1

    Label the OTA channels

    I wish DISH gave us the ability to label the scanned OTA channels. ABC, FOX, MeTV, or whatever we want. Instead of having the generic radio tower icon. I’m in the habit of looking at the icons to the left of the guide as I scroll to find the proper channel to select. Sent from my iPhone using...
  2. jackbyron1

    Dish Anywhere app simultaneous streams?

    Is there any hope of DISH adding at least two simultaneous streams to the app on any device in the near future? Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
  3. jackbyron1

    Guide Logo

    Why since the day I subscribed to DISH does my NBC local show up as this in the guide? minus the writing of course. I get the CBS ABC FOX PBS and CW logos proper but not NBC. Never called a CSR about it. Very strange. Anyone else have this show up?
  4. jackbyron1

    Strange Beep Sound From TV

    I have a SONY 950 4K tv with a Hopper 3 hooked up through a hdmi cable. When I select resume, dvr or live tv from a stopped recording a annoying beep comes from the tv speaker. Did reboot the hopper and tv. New batteries in the remote. Even a new cable. Very baffling. Any thoughts?
  5. jackbyron1

    Downgrade To AT200

    I currently pay for STARZ and have AT250. My question is if I downgrade to AT200 will I still get ENCORE VOD in the guide and be able watch those programs on TV or iPad, iPhone? Also, if I drop my Network locals can I watch the programs on the apps when I log into my provider DISH? Thanks for...
  6. jackbyron1

    OTA Auto Hop Question

    I was wondering if I cancelled my local channels will I still get the prime time auto hop feature for my over the air recordings?