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  1. loubon

    Getting a new roof, what do I need to know?

    Hi, Getting a new roof in a few weeks and wanted to know if there was anything in particular I need to plan for with my Dish. Not looking to move it or anything but was wondering if I need to have Dish come out afterwards or do I need to write anything down regarding positioning or anything...
  2. loubon

    HBO is BACK on DISH

    Hmmm..I don't have that. Last thing across the top is Midnight Lounge. Not sure why I wouldn't be included. Long time customer with excellent payment history. Guess I'll have to call/chat. Thanks anyway!
  3. loubon

    HBO is BACK on DISH

    Having a bit of a problem. Have HBO Max and it renews on the 11th so I went ahead and cancelled and it says it is still good until the 11th. Went on my Dish account and when I follow the link for the $12 offer that everyone has posted it takes me to my programming page and when I select...
  4. loubon

    dish hopper only recording end of program FOX

    That is when it happens, after the PTAT window has expired. When you "save" a program during the PTAT window it actually holds all the shows in the PTAT hours on that channel. For example if you save a 9:00 pm show on ABC and watch it during the PTAT window you can actually see the show after...
  5. loubon

    dish hopper only recording end of program FOX

    I originally posted about this on October 6th, 2015 here: Strange PTAT Issue Only On ABC At first it was just ABC but in later posts (if you search my posts you'll see I chimed in many times when others brought this up including the one you included in the previous post) you'll see I mention...
  6. loubon

    2021 Dish Prices

    Can elaborate on this? Thanks. Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys
  7. loubon

    Fox Recordings

    I’ve started and replied to several threads on this probably as long as PTAT has been around. As mentioned happens more on ABC. It also happens on Fox. Never had it happen on CBS or NBC. Always after the PTAT window is over. No one has ever had an answer. Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys
  8. loubon

    Notice to Update Programming & Software?

    Happens to me too.
  9. loubon

    dish hopper only recording end of program

    It happens after the initial window expires. Usually when you have saved a PTAT program. Sent from my iPad using the SatelliteGuys app!
  10. loubon

    dish hopper only recording end of program

    I have posted numerous threads on this since AutoHop first became available. Never went anywhere. Happens more on ABC but also Fox. Don't waste your time resetting etc. This is not a problem local to your setup. It is a bigger issue that they refuse to address. It only seems to happen...
  11. loubon

    Dish will install OTA Antenna...

    I had the same exact experience in NJ. I even explained to them that I bought an antenna and rigged to a high post just to check if I could receive channels (and I could) and they said the same thing. I only wanted it as a backup in case the weather was bad so it looks like the Locast app...
  12. loubon

    Locast app is now working

    I'm assuming in bad weather when I lose a satellite signal but still have internet this will work?
  13. loubon

    American everything package 2 year price lock

    I just did this also for a spare room (thanks to a suggestion on another thread) and it works great. As long as you have a wifi connection. Saves you on the receiver fees and having to worry about suspending, unsuspending etc.
  14. loubon

    American everything package 2 year price lock

    This is what I did. I went from AEP to AT250 with the various movie packs. For the exact same programming I saved on the price lock incentive, increase of this year and next (and don't forget the second year increase is double because it would be $5 in 2020 on top of $5 in 2019 that you...
  15. loubon

    Existing Customer Promotion

    Thanks for this tip about the Fire Stick. I have a TV in a spare room that doesn't have a Dish connection only a Roku so if this works out well I may get rid of my wireless Joey in the basement and save the charge on that.
  16. loubon

    Does DIRT still come around these parts?

    Somewhat related...I recently took advantage of the preferred customer deal. I tried to also get my two Joey 2.0s upgraded to 3.0s and was told the only way was to have a tech come out. I told the rep. never mind and figured I would contact DIRT. I finally caught a DIRT member on the other...
  17. loubon

    CES 2019

    Too cheap to spring for 3 minutes? [emoji6] Sent from my iPad using the SatelliteGuys app!
  18. loubon

    DVR recordings only partial record

    Brian, check out this old thread of mine. Sounds like it might be the same issue. Unfortunately it was never resolved. There used to be a Dish bigwig (Vivek?) who'd pop in and he told me they were working on it but they never fixed it and he never responded to my follow-ups. Strange PTAT...
  19. loubon

    DVR recordings only partial record

    Does the recording problem happen on all channels or just the auto hop channels?
  20. loubon

    Existing Customer Promotion

    Done!. Actually had been a supporter a few times in the past but lost track of the fact it expired. So thanks for that.