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  1. aquaman67

    Going from a 722K to a Hopper

    Hello I’m finally ready to make the move from a 722K to a Hopper. I have some questions. What’s the newest Hopper so I can make sure the installer isn’t giving me some old equipment? How to I tell what I’m getting? Also, is there a thread or website on how to use this thing? I’m not sure...
  2. aquaman67

    FCC wants to do away with all "set top boxes"?

    Have you seen this? Basically the FCC would require all providers like Dish to make their content available without a dedicated box. All programming would be available via an app. So no more Hoppers?
  3. aquaman67

    I need a new Smart Card for Flex???

    I just did a chat and was told I need a new Smart Card for my 311 before I can get the new Flex package. Does anyone know why I would need a new smart card?
  4. aquaman67

    HBO for $10 is back and Showtime is 1/2 off

    So a few months ago I saw all the promotions for HBO for $10 a month but I didn't bite. Then a friend let my borrow his Game of Thrones DVDs. I watched all 4 seasons and wanted to watch the 5th. You can only watch it on HBO. So...I log into my Dish account to see if maybe the $10 a month...
  5. aquaman67

    Customer Appreciation Pack

    So... I was checking "My Offers" on my online account to order my free PPV movie. And I saw the "Customer Appreciation Pack" It was 4 or 5 premium movie channels free for one month. I think MGM was one, maybe PixL too. I can't remember which channels - but it's worth checking out for these...
  6. aquaman67

    How can I drop National PBS?

    I noticed I have National PBS. I do not want National PBS. How can I drop it? I went to my account online and it's not listed in an area where I can "uncheck" it. Thanks....
  7. aquaman67

    Help understanding DVR charges.

    Hello. And thanks in advance to anyone who can help me. I currently have a 722K in the living room / master bed room, a 625 shared by the kids and a 312. One of my children is moving into their own place. So this is what I'm thinking. Would I save any money if I got rid of the 625 and...
  8. aquaman67

    625 VS two 211K's for cost savings?

    Hello, I've tried to search and figure this out but now I'm just confused. I can't figure out Dish's prices. I have a 722K as my main receiver. My kids share a 625. Would there be any cost savings by getting two 211K's with EHDs to replace the 625? (I'm not ready a Hopper system just...
  9. aquaman67

    722K died. Can I hook up a 311?

    Help! My 722K has died. It won't boot up at all. It started overheating a while ago. Anyway. Until I decide what to do I have a 311 on my account. Can I just hook it up on a 1000.2?
  10. aquaman67

    Channels in 250 not in 200?

    I've tried to find the simple answer but have had no luck. I'm looking for a list of the difference between the two packages. I'm not looking for a list of every channel in both packages. I'm looking for a list of channels in 250 that are not in 200. Is there such a list somewhere?
  11. aquaman67

    If you ordered the Sling Adapter before the price increase, check your bill this month. DIRT Team?

    I ordered the Sling Adapter the Friday before the price increase because of the heads up I got here. I get my bill today and Dish is charging me the full $49.99 price. I paid $30 when it shipped and they added $20 to my bill. Can a DIRT team member help me please?
  12. aquaman67

    How about listing the full channel name in the info?

    I understand there is only so much room on the guide. But when I push the info button, how about giving me the full name? I have no idea what some of these channels are. Who's with me?
  13. aquaman67

    So the renters left a 1000.4 in my front yard.

    I have a rental house. The tenants have been there just over a year and have moved. They (with my permission) had a 1000.4 installed in the front yard. They left it when they moved. I'm not sure what do to. I'd like to leave it there in case the new tenants want Dish. The install was...
  14. aquaman67

    Will the DVR keep working during a weather outage?

    As the title says, if you're already watching something on your DVR during a storm that would result in an outage, will it keep working or go out too? I know once you have a weather outage, you can't access the DVR (why not, I don't know? Maybe they could fix this?)
  15. aquaman67

    Can't flip past channel 100?

    I've got a 722K with L668 software. I can't flip channels past 100. If I start on a channel lower than 100 and trying flipping up to a higher channel, it stops at 100. I can go back down, but not up. If I start at a channel higher than 100 and flip down, it stops at 100 and will not go...
  16. aquaman67

    Anyone else get free HBO/Showtime WITHOUT asking?

    I have a bad habit of never looking at my Dish bill. It's usually around the same amount on my bank statement so I don't get too twisted about it. Bad for me, good for Dish I know. I usually just laugh when people on here talk about their bill being $5 different and demanding an explaination...
  17. aquaman67

    Tell me about the Sports pack

    I have a friend who wants Dish and wants to know about the sports pack. I don't have it and am not interested in it for myself. So, What channels do you get if you have the top 250 pack? And is it worth it to someone who really likes sports?
  18. aquaman67

    PPV on all receivers or just one?

    If you order PPV with the remote, is it avalible only on that TV or do all receivers get it? Does it matter if you order it online? I don't use PPV but I might start. The local video store is getting less and less new movies in...