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  1. AE6CH

    Channels showing up twice in channel guide?

    I just swapped out my regular receiver for a DVR, and all the channels in the guide show up twice. I assume thats not expected behavior?
  2. AE6CH

    DVR on sale for $99 at Best Buy

    My kids have been begging me to get one, so I guess today is their lucky day.
  3. AE6CH

    Orby off-air?

    My receiver has good signal, but all channels are black. Hard power cycle of receiver doesn't fix it. It looks like EPG data is updating. I don't have another receiver handy I can test with.
  4. AE6CH

    Orby billing trouble

    On 7/3 I had my auto-bill turned off and my current month expired. Went to reactivate an I noticed the "expiration date" on the website still showed 7/3/19 after activation, but figured it was just a glitch, browser cache issue, or something else. Next day it stops working again, so I login...
  5. AE6CH

    Orby login down?

    Has anyone been able to login to the Orby customer page for the last few days? I just get the spinning wheel (tried from multiple computers). Hard to pay for another month with that not working.