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  1. Mariah2014

    Changing Forum Screen name.

    I would love to have my forum screen name changed. Many changes have been going on and its become time where making this changed would be much appreciated. Thank You
  2. Mariah2014

    3 New channels launched on Directv. Univision Deportes Network HD part of Choice Xtra

    Likely requires En Espanol pack or A Spanish based package to receive. 453 ForoTV 454 Univision Telenovelas 455 Univision Deportes Network HD. World is Choice Xtra on this station.
  3. Mariah2014

    morgan murphy broadcasting directv dispute

    Contract ends 12/31.
  4. Mariah2014

    morgan murphy media (WKBT, WISC, KXLY, KVEW) and dish network in dispute.

    stations may be dropped after March 16, 2012.
  5. Mariah2014

    Directv and Khq aggreement expires 12/31. SWX main sticking point to carriage agreement.

    KHQ on DirecTV - KHQ Right Now - News and Weather for Spokane and North Idaho | Just like their KNDO station, they are trying to with hold their main nbc affiliate KHQ also to get SWX carriage on Directv.
  6. Mariah2014

    kndo and directv in carriage talks. deal ends 12/31/2010

    KNDO on DIRECTV - KNDO/KNDU Tri-Cities, Yakima, WA | Dispute is partially over SWX. Current deal ends on 12/31/2010. A message has been scrollowing on the screen.
  7. Mariah2014

    Directv NBA League Pass and Pre Season games.

    In past years, they have always included the Preseason games as part of the package. However, this year they haven't as of yet and it looks like they won't either. I sent a email to them and received the following reply, which doesn't competely have anything to do with the question asked. I have...
  8. Mariah2014

    Versus Removed Sept 1 from DirecTV

    DIRECTV: Versus on DIRECTV Versus on DIRECTV You may have seen a message on your TV screen saying that you may no longer receive the Versus channel after August 31, 2009. DIRECTV is in contract negotiations with Versus and we're making every effort to keep the channel on the air without...
  9. Mariah2014


    Stanley Cup Playoffs Return to CSN on Thursday Game 1: Thu, April 16, 7:30 pm – Blackhawks vs. Flames (United Center) in HD (NOTES: “Blackhawks Pre-Game Live/Post Game Live” before and after the game, plus “SportsNite” presented by DEX after the post-game show) -- IMPORTANT WHITE SOX NOTE...
  10. Mariah2014

    2009 mlb tv schedules includes hd info for all but the twins and rockies.

    All 30 teams regular season schedules are now included. Preseason schedule has been updated with any changes. However preseason schedules on each teams schedule have not been changed. Rays and marlins tabs are still red. The tv schedule for both of the teams is in tab next to the red one. Each...
  11. Mariah2014

    Astros-Hooks to be Televised by FOX Sports Southwest/Houston

    Official Site of the Corpus Christi Hooks Astros-Hooks to be Televised by FOX Sports Southwest/Houston » All News April 2 Game is First of 10 in 2009 Package CORPUS CHRISTI – The historic Houston Astros vs. Corpus Christi Hooks April 2 exhibition game at Whataburger Field...
  12. Mariah2014

    2009 mlb preseason tv schedule

    check post 12 for most current schedule in pdf or excel file. I have also posted it in an attachment in case this post doesn't look right. mlb network info is preliminary Wednesday, February 25, 2009 All Times Eastern No data available for this date. Away Home...
  13. Mariah2014

    fsn oklahoma

    THE OFFICIAL SITE OF THE OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER FS Oklahoma to air Thunder games The Oklahoman Fox Sports Net will televise 65 Oklahoma Thunder games this season on a revamped statewide network, Fox Sports Oklahoma, as part...
  14. Mariah2014

    2008-2009 college basketball tv schedule links

    more will be added as season gets closer. All links posted below will be added here as well that way you don't have to got through the complete thread to get to them. Please feel free to add. acc
  15. Mariah2014

    blazers want csn northwest on directv by the start of the season.

    portland tribune blazers tv article
  16. Mariah2014

    Bobcats, Time Warner Cable, Fox Sports Strike Unprecedented Deal

    BOBCATS: Bobcats, Time Warner Cable, Fox Sports Strike Unprecedented Deal Bobcats, Time Warner Cable, Fox Sports Strike Unprecedented Deal April 8, 2008 Video | Press Conference Transcript | Whitfield Interview Robert L. Johnson, Majority Owner of Bobcats Sports &...
  17. Mariah2014

    csn bay area updated mlb schedules due to sharks coverage

  18. Mariah2014

    detroit tigers tv update due to red wings coverage

    FOX Sports on MSN - FSN Detroit - Upcoming Tigers Games on FSN PLUS Upcoming Tigers Games on FSN PLUSby Updated: April 7, 2008, 1:03 PM EST Comment add this RSS blog email print At least three more Detroit Tigers telecasts will be shifted to FSN PLUS over the next...
  19. Mariah2014

    mariners are now excluzive to fsn northwest except when blocked by national networks.

    The Official Site of Seattle Mariners: Official Info: Press Release
  20. Mariah2014

    What happened to dbsforums?

    It's true that really the only good thing remaining over their was the sports forum. However, some of the members from their now have started a new location while they wait out the time for the site to return. It can be found at The506 Broadcast Maps Forum - The Sports Arena - temporary board ...