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  1. osumike

    Sling adapters being discontinued

    Just a heads up to anyone using these.. Techs were made aware yesterday that there is/was a software update to Dish Anywhere, and sling adapters will no longer be supported. Here's the communication: Sling Adapters6/26 2:26p Due to an update on DISH Anywhere software, Sling Adapters are no...
  2. osumike

    Live Dish channels on Delta flights??!

    Pretty cool Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using the SatelliteGuys app!
  3. osumike

    Internet radio constantly logging me out

    Anyone have that happening lately? At least 3-4 a day when I'm listening on my phone it logs me out and makes me reenter my username and password. Pretty annoying. I've also been getting a couple calls a day from Sirius. They don't leave a message and I haven't answered. My bill is current, so...
  4. osumike

    Regional sports networks

    Is anyone on this forum located in Wisconsin, and have Fox Detroit? I recently signed up for Dish and they black out every single tigers game... If I'm able to watch them on Fox Detroit with DirecTV, I'll switch immediately...
  5. osumike

    Regional sports networks

    I guess I'd really like an answer from DIRT on this one, but maybe someone else knows. Why is it that Dish blacks out certain baseball games that DirecTV will show, on the same channel?? Examples: I am a Detroit Tigers fan. I used to live in NW Ohio, about an hour south of Detroit. I subscribed...
  6. osumike

    Impossible hopper job!

    Where to begin.. Started a few weeks ago, in a huge mansion. Hws, super joey, three joeys. The installing tech spent about 8 hours there, I went to help him for the last two hours of that, and an additional 3-4 hours the next day. Home is prewired with 3Ghz rg6. Got the hws going, but NONE of...
  7. osumike

    VIP612 is downloading twice during installation

    anyone have this happen? after the first download it reset and started a new download