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  1. psumattDE

    So What Do Y'all Think (Signal Levels on HD Satellites)

    Okay, I had my tech out today to realign the dish b/c I was seeing low levels on the new 99a satellite (I have an H21) - and my 103 levels had dropped as well since my install in February. Well, after the fact, everything was pointed perfectly. He checked at the dish, at the ground block...
  2. psumattDE

    Executive Center Email Address

    Does anyone here know of any Executive Center level email addresses for DirecTV? DISH Network has one that would put you in touch with the Executive Relations group that would handle issues, complaints, etc. After getting bent over on my $50 referral credit - they told me...
  3. psumattDE

    New Direct Customer

    Yesterday, with the help of all the great rebate and referral posters here (thanks!!!), I had a chance to get DirecTV installed. Despite the constant 30mph with gusts to 50mph winds and snow squalls yesterday, a great technician came out - removed my 2 old DN dishes for me, and installed the new...
  4. psumattDE

    New Direct Customer

    Duplicate Post! Sorry! Mods, you can delete.
  5. psumattDE

    Cheapest HD Dish Option

    I know this was probably asked 100's of times - tried the search function.. But what would be the cheapest package / price possible to get HD w/ DISH. I know the HD is now a $20 add-on, but what is the lowest package you'd need with it? My buddy is p'd at Comcast since he just got a new...
  6. psumattDE

    FIOS HD Quality

    With the addition of Food HD and HGTV HD this past week (okay, I know we also got LMN HD) - I just have to say the picture quality of HD on FIOS TV is AMAZING. I previously had Food HD and HGTV HD on Dish Network - and even though I thought it looked great then - it's even better now! The...
  7. psumattDE

    DISH Retention Department

    Well, I finally got exhausted of seeing the same 866 # on my Caller ID every two hours for the past week and answered it last night - even though it was almost 9pm. It was DISH Network's retention department calling me since I dropped service last Tuesday. -- First off, they don't even...
  8. psumattDE

    My FIOS TV vs. DISH Compare

    Well, after being a DISH customer since March of 06' - FIOS TV just rolled out in my area, and I was installed on Thursday with an HD-DVR and an HD box - just as I had with DISH (622 & 211). After a few days of missing channels (was a local issue in my area - I was one of the 1st out of my CO)...
  9. psumattDE

    ESPN HD & ESPN2 HD Quality - Today's Bowl games

    Okay- The big Penn State game on now looks pretty nice on ESPN-HD (10-10 halftime - go LIONS!) However, The Texas Tech b-ball game on ESPN2-HD looks like sh*t. Fuzzy whenever a player runs to the basket - blurry - you can really tell how much less bandwidth 2 is getting. I'm anxious to...
  10. psumattDE

    PBS Kids Sprout

    Read on another forum that PBS Kids Sprout was added to the FIOS TV lineup on Channel 222. Anyone confirm?
  11. psumattDE

    Verizon and Cablevision Agree to Terms

    Looks like AMC, IFC, Fuse, etc. are on the way to the lineup!
  12. psumattDE

    The Mystery of 61.5 TP's 20 and 22 is Solved

    Well, I must now happily post about my tech visit this morning. Previously, off of 61.5 - I received signal levels in the low 90's for the majority of the TP's, except for TP 20 and 22, where I saw levels of around 70 and 75, respectively. Not a death wish, but the channels on these two (Food...
  13. psumattDE

    DISH Giving Center Ice Free Preview?

    Does anyone know if we'll get the 1st week of Center Ice for free like the cable companies are offering? Thanks..
  14. psumattDE

    New 3.63 Software (622) and lower Signal Levels

    Is anyone else seeing this? I've always had issues with TP's 20 and 22 off of 61.5 (HGHD, FOOD HD, ESPN2HD) where my signal levels for these two were always around 70 and 75 respectively. Well, today my 622 DVR got new software - and now these two TP's are showing 59 and 63!! I was like...
  15. psumattDE

    August - the Month of new HD?????

    Well, August is now here - DISH apparently has to add Food HD by 8/30 - and we'll now see if any other goodies are on the menu. Comcast rolled out MHD today in a broad area of the Northeast - so that's definitely one on my (and other's) lists. Hopefully DISH can wrap up a MHD/Logo...
  16. psumattDE

    DISH Games

    Has anyone attempted to use the new "DISH Games" feature on DISH Home? It is shown as "not available" on both my 622 and 211 receivers. Is this only available to certain models?
  17. psumattDE

    Did FoodHD Actually Launch?

    Okay, naturally I know it didn't on DISH - but I mean, in general? I know that june 30th was to be the official launch date. I couldn't find anything regarding it.
  18. psumattDE

    MHD - Comcast beat us!

    In a story worthy of the "wow" column, Comcast actually beat DISH in adding a new HD channel, as apparently they've come to an agreement on MHD and have added it to systems in New England. I know based on all of the discussions that it may be in our future as well, but i'm surprised Comcast...
  19. psumattDE

    Wealth TV HD

    Has there ever been any talk of DISH signing on Wealth TV in HD? Even my parent's mom and pop cable company in PA carries this!
  20. psumattDE

    Starz Free Preview (April 28-May 1)

    Hmmmm...a free preview from 4/28 - 5/1.... could we see Starz HD added around that time frame??? (staff answer - no.)