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  1. joegr

    Unusual H3 Problem

    I have a very unusual H3 problem that started a few weeks ago. It quickly went from once every day or two to now being all the time. I changed nothing about my setup before or during the problem. Setup: Dish Hopper 3 to Onkyo TX-NR515 surround sound to Vizio HD TV via HDMI. Using Harmony hub...
  2. joegr

    1000.2 EA, best way to aim?

    I am trying to properly aim a 1000.2 EA dish for my mother (See below for full back story). She has two VIP211K receivers. This is in zip code 365xx. After finding signal, I adjusted the aim and elevation for the strongest reading (around 80). I think that was on 77. I verified that all...
  3. joegr

    DVR timer problem: Robot Chicken

    Just a warning to any Robot Chicken fans out there, the new season is not recording with a timer set to "new." The guide data does not have air date and episode number, so the Hopper is skipping it. It used to be that if the guide data was not complete enough to tell if a show was old or new...