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  1. wa6rht


    Did Dish quit supporting the HopperGo? In looking at both the Hopper DVR timer settings and Dish Anywhere I no longer see the option to “Prepare for mobile” anywhere.
  2. wa6rht

    4K Joey swap

    What is the cost to swap a standard Joey to a 4K Joey and is their a monthly fee change as well? Also does it require a site visit as it’s basically a direct swap.
  3. wa6rht

    1000.2 WA Hybrid LNB

    Just want to confirm that a 1000.2 hybrid dish will work with a 211 receiver as long as there are no other receivers in the dish correct?
  4. wa6rht

    CES Forum not showing posts in the iPhone/iPad app

    Is anyone else having problems with posts not showing on some topics? I'm not showing any posts, yet it shows there are two pages. This occurs in several topics under special events yet other topics show fine.
  5. wa6rht

    Manual timer creation on Hopper 3

    I am trying to create a manual timer for tomorrow's NASCAR race. I can go into the manual timer screen, select the channel, select the frequency as once. When I then try to set the date I get a calendar which is labeled June 2016 but is not the correct one and will not let me select any dates...
  6. wa6rht

    Dish Anywhere Guide Issue

    I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Have a Hopper 3 with OTA adapter. When accessing Dish Anywhere I have noticed in the guide, on local channels, that if the "Remove SD Duplicates" is turned ON the guide removes the Satellite Version of that channel. If I turn that feature off, then...
  7. wa6rht

    21.1 Remote

    Just got a replacement 21.1 remote for an older RF remote for my 722. Have been using Band B for the RF remote and can't find a way to select B band on the new remote. Am I missing this or is it not an option?