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  1. Dishnetisforme

    It's official ECW is BACK!

    Wrestling is not science fiction! lol
  2. Dishnetisforme

    American Idol - Who is your favorite?

    What is wrong with American Idol.It is very enetertaining and not like a Karaoke contest!It does have higher standards than that.Plus its good family entertainment which is lacking on tv now days.
  3. Dishnetisforme

    American Idol and Performers Info Thread

    Im glad you posted about American Idol.I to have just begun watching this year. I am absoloutley hooked on it.I think it is a refreshing show to watch.
  4. Dishnetisforme

    UPN and WB to merge

    Thanks that helps a little
  5. Dishnetisforme

    UPN and WB to merge

    Fresno upn 53 Does anyone know what will happen to Kail channel 53 in Fresno California thanks!?