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  1. SatinKzo

    FOR SALE AirTV player with OTA adapter

    Regret that I am selling it, but I went back to AT&T for cellular and might as well take advantage of DirecTV Now discount. Selling my three month old AirTV with OTA adapter, original boxes, remote etc. Asking $75 shipped CONUS.
  2. SatinKzo

    PQ or bit rate improved?

    Over on reddit they are reporting 5.7mbps now. . I don't have sling. Can anyone confirm or comment on PQ? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  3. SatinKzo

    SOLD!! Roku 4

    Selling our Roku 4 with remote. We just don't use it much and like the Firetv better. Asking $50 shipped CONUS.
  4. SatinKzo

    Sling adds 3 new channels Good additions at no extra cost...
  5. SatinKzo

    FOR SALE 2 iPhone 5s 16gb Verizon (GSM Unlocked) and Apple watch Sport 38mm

    Selling two iPhone 5s 16gb Space gray verizon version A1533 but the GSM is unlocked and works on GSM carriers. ME341LL/A if you want to look it up. Asking $100 each shipped. This is just the phone, they work perfectly and have no major cosmetic marks. They've been in a case and have normal...
  6. SatinKzo

    Directv IP service

    Well, I guess it should go here, but maybe in the IPTV forum. Anyways, anyone have info on the upcoming IPTV service from ATT/Directv? I know they said Q4 in press releases and 3 packages, but I was curious on what hardware it will run on if anyone knows. Hopefully the major ones and we can...
  7. SatinKzo

    SOLD!! Nexus 6p 64GB White/Frost

    Selling my 1 month old Nexus 6p. Been in a case and screen protector most of the time. Works fine, just a little big for me and the speaker phone isn't as good as I need. Asking $500 shipped with original box and cable/charger. Will entertain offers of possible trade also.
  8. SatinKzo

    Macbook Air (7,2) 13.3 8gb RAM, 128GB storage, apple care Early 2015

    Selling my macbook air early 2015 with specs as in title. Barely used, had for work project but don't need anymore. I can't ship in original box, but it would be shipped double boxed and carefully packed. I'll reset and remove from iCloud etc before shipment. Apple care good for 3 years...
  9. SatinKzo

    Amazon Streaming with Prime add-ons I just read about this as a possibility next year... now it's real. I thought I read about it here, but I can't find it.
  10. SatinKzo

    Iphone 6 64gb space gray verizon

    I won a new iphone 6 64gb space gracy verizon version. I already have a 6 and all I've done to this phone is open the box to inspect it. I'm asking $400 shipped conus.
  11. SatinKzo

    Honeywell Lyric Thermostat

    Selling an open, but only slightly used Lyric Thermostat from Honeywell. Nothing wrong with it, just was going to return it and I realized I lost my receipt and didn't pay with a credit card to look it up with. Asking $150 shipped (retail is $229). Will ship with all materials and double...
  12. SatinKzo

    iPhone 5s Space Gray, 16gb AT&T

    Selling used, clean, great condition iPhone 5s 16gb on AT&T. Everything works great, just no need for it. No case, but will come with home charger and lightning cable. Can provide pics if asked, just not near phone at this moment. Phone is not activation locked or "Find my iPhone" locked...
  13. SatinKzo

    Xbox one preview program... Anyone have an invite?

    If anyone has an invite to the preview program and would be willing to send me an invite, please PM me.
  14. SatinKzo

    FS: Amazon Fire TV stick

    Selling firetv stick. $20 shipped. Includes remote, power adapter/usb cable.
  15. SatinKzo

    Ipad Mini 3 16gb wifi space gray - $325 shipped

    Selling NIB mini 3 16gb wifi space gray.
  16. SatinKzo

    Interesting bundle... Uverse, HBO and Amazon Prime

    Saw Uverse has an intersting new bundle. $39 a month, Uverse internet, HBO/Go and amazon prime
  17. SatinKzo

    Directv AM21

    I have a fully working Directv AM21 module if anyone is interested. $45 shipped
  18. SatinKzo

    FS: Space Gray 32gb iPhone 5s AT&T w/ Mophie

    Selling my 1 year old iPhone 5s 32gb phone. It has normal wear marks on outside and does have a very fine hair line crack from ear piece straight to left of phone. Does not cross display and is honestly very hard to notice. I have a zagg tempered glass style screen protector on it and the...
  19. SatinKzo

    WTB: Surface Pro 2

    Looking to see if anyone is upgrading to a surface 3 and wanting to sell a surface pro 2.
  20. SatinKzo

    Equipment Return

    I cancelled directv a couple weeks ago and finally got my return equipment box. I have three receivers (H25, HR24 and HR34). The packing slip only lists the HR34. So I boxed it up and sent it back, but I never received boxes for other two receivers. When I called Directv they told me they...