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  1. jimdandyvi

    What Are DirecTV's Standard Proceedures for Non-Prewired (For Satellite) Apartments?

    In every condo I have lived in you don't own the roof. The only place the law allows you to install a dish is as stated previously is a balcony or patio. The association may permit installations elsewhere but they aren't legally required to do do. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
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    Installation scam? Help please!!

    Speaking of confused. I had Comcast do an install at my home in Illinois and all my utilities were underground. After the install had been completed JULIE (Joint Utility Locate ) was called and they carefully marked the location of all utilities. The following Saturday a drop bury crew...
  3. jimdandyvi

    Vacation Property and Direct TV

    By law your Social Security card is not supposed to be used for ID. No commercial establishment can force you to produce a card or provide your SS#. Since Direct won't be able to to do a credit check they may require you to provide a large deposit and/or purchase your own equipment to reduce...
  4. jimdandyvi

    Directv USA Rumor in Puerto Rico

    FYI Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands as well as other US territories do not get to vote for the US President. Our only political representative is that we have a Congressional Delegate with no vote.
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    Finally gonna move to pole mount vs roof mount...

    Grounding underground cables is not silly. Lightning can strike an underground cable run. The correct installation requires using a ground block at the house even for an underground cable run.
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    Netgear XET1001 PowerLine with Whole-House DVR

    I use the 85Mbs adapters to stream my Slingbox on my LAN and usually have no problems. Use the Netgear utility and look at the rates you are getting over a period of time. I recently added a long distance outdoor AP to my network. It works fine, but somehow it is interfering the bandwidth...
  7. jimdandyvi

    HDMI splitter

    When I visit my local K-Mart they supply HD signal to all their TVs on display using powered 8-1 HDMI splitters. Given the number of TVs I would guess that they have the splitters daisy chained.
  8. jimdandyvi

    Uplink site for local channels?

    The picture quality I am getting on WNYW (Fox NY) for both ALCS and the World Series is excellent when viewed on on my 32" TV setup for 720P. The channel is broadcast in the local NYC market in HD by Fox but from All American Direct it is delivered as a SD channel. Picture quality is...
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    About Hurricanes?

    Removing the four bolts and taking the reflector off is the recommended procedure in the Virgin Islands. Just keep the bolts greased to slow down the rusting and make the removal quick and easy.
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    Install using existing cable tap?

    As a homeowner you own the inside wiring from the demarcation point to the TV set. The demarcation point is usually where the drop coming from the pole or pedestal connects to the ground block mounted on the side of your home. In a condo you will need to work with your association to determine...
  11. jimdandyvi

    tv tuner card for direct tv

    If you want to watch TV on a computer and have a decent internet connection I recommend USTVnow - Watch Live American TV Shows Online . It is a subscription service. No contract or special equipment required. You pay your money, just like with a cable company, and choose the package you...
  12. jimdandyvi

    Direct TV in St. John, USVI

    Both Dish and Direct offer service in the USVI using 30" or smaller dishes. Direct as mentioned is the Latin America service meaning more Spanish language programming. Dish offers its North American packages off satellites 110 and 119. HD programming is available from Dish. Given...