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  1. maxmoto

    Mini HD Festivus in WNY

    Supposed to get those in ohio on april 26. No sign yet. Sent from my Thunderbolt using Tapatalk
  2. maxmoto

    Signature Home Installed

    Thanks for the explanation.
  3. maxmoto

    Signature Home Installed

    So how does the whole house dvr work and why do you need signature home to do it?
  4. maxmoto

    Remote DVR Viewing

    Has anyone logged into MyServices and seen the DVR Manager it under My TV? I logged in today and I am able to see both my DVRs. Looks like you can see the what is recording (up coming schedule, schedule recordings, see the guide. So far looks pretty good. You can not manage recorded shows...
  5. maxmoto

    Time Warner Cable Problem PLS HELP

    Try changing your TV to "normal" or what ever it is called on your TV. Then change the aspect ratio on the cable box. The middle picture looks like a 4:3 program that was also letterboxed.