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  1. stmcld

    $12.99 Bundle for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+

    That is why, if they were smart, they would somehow make the ESPN networks available along with ESPN+ for an additional few dollars. We seem to be moving towards streaming services such as Vue unneccessary with bundles such as that (if they added ESPN Networks), HBO Max, etc. Once the NFL is...
  2. stmcld

    The PlayStation Vue Thread

    Looks as if I was wrong and Zookster was right. PlayStation Vue is Raising Their Price - Cord Cutters News
  3. stmcld

    The PlayStation Vue Thread

    I think speculating about not raising prices with all of these negotiations is certainly valid and if they keep those channels, I would surmise a price increase at that point would be in order by Vue. But, if they lose the NFL Network and Red Zone, I will be thinking about my next move. I...
  4. stmcld

    The PlayStation Vue Thread

    The story is they are in negotiations for several channels, including the NFL network, whose contracts are scheduled to expire the end of this month or next month. Instead of a price increase entering my thinking, I was wondering if this is a "we might lose some channels so here are a few new...
  5. stmcld

    Who was alive during the Worst disaster in U.S. history?

    I would agree. There is a guy on Youtube, I think his channel is called Glenn and Friends. It is basically a cooking channel and he has been recreating cola's and even recreated the original Coke, as best as he could, from the original Pemberton recipe. Anyway, he recently did a taste test of...
  6. stmcld

    Who was alive during the Worst disaster in U.S. history?

    There was a fascinating book called, The Real Coke, The Real Story, that went into detail on how New Coke came to be, the responses to it by the public and Coke executives. It also had a brief history of Coke. The bottom line, (reading the book) IMO, Coke was getting trounced by Pepsi in taste...
  7. stmcld

    DirecTV Now Price Increase

    I like Vue and that was my first streaming service and I used them during football season. They are a possibility but I might try a few others first
  8. stmcld

    DirecTV Now Price Increase

    Well, we have an answer. NFL Network is gone when the contract expires which I assume is pretty soon. Okay, might try YouTube and Hulu Live.
  9. stmcld

    DirecTV Now Price Increase

    I guess my question would be, how long do the sports networks, such as NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, those channels, stay with the current subscribers?
  10. stmcld

    Directv Now adds DVR cloud

    Hmmm, you think I would remember that. But, I don't. I think so.
  11. stmcld

    Directv Now adds DVR cloud

    On my Apple TV, when I now go to a program, it gives me info on that program. Didn't before.
  12. stmcld

    Directv Now adds DVR cloud

    I really like the new guide and I am hopeful, after a few months, a large increase in DVR size will be included at no extra cost. We shall see.
  13. stmcld

    Hulu Live gets a guide (on some STB devices)

    You will lose it. I toyed with trying them after the update and a message popped up telling me I would lose my current promotion, which is the $5.99 per.
  14. stmcld

    Spectrum Choice

    I have received two invitations to try this service but without Apple TV capability or Roku capability, (am I wrong about that?) it isn't for me.
  15. stmcld

    New/Updated review of the big 6 OTT options

    I have switched from Vue to DirecTV Now and so far my most recent experience with DTNOW has been a positive one. Yeah, I am looking forward to the DVR but with Playon and WatchAir Antenna, most of that is taken care of it would seem. I did so because I decided to go with an Unlimited Plan with...
  16. stmcld

    Channel Master Targets Cord-Cutters With ‘Stream+’

    That is interesting. I recently purchased a WatchAir TV antenna and I really like it so far. It works great with my Apple TV, has a great guide, I get better signal strength with this antenna than the other ones I've had, and it has a nice DVR function.
  17. stmcld

    Amazon Prime Video

    This is now available through the Apple TV. Haven't dug in yet but all of the video's I own through Amazon popped up.
  18. stmcld

    Question on new Amazon Fire TV

    I have looked up and down for an answer to my question but I am still stuck. I have the new Fire 4K streaming device but I cannot get it to work with my AVR. It isn't 4K but even I adjust the Fire to 1080P, I cannot get it to work. It works fine on my non 4K TV and my other devices, Apple and...
  19. stmcld

    Philo Tv debuts 37 channel streaming package for $16 a month

    If they had Hallmark Channels, Id probably get that package.
  20. stmcld

    Who has totally left major tv providers?

    For sports, it constantly seems to be about 30 seconds behind.