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    Discovery Fit & Health to launch on February 1st

    Discovery Fit and Health to Launch February 1 | Testing It Up
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    Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN

    Anybody actually watching the debut? He has some big guests for the first week (Oprah, Howard Stern, George Clooney) and CNN hopes that he can help revive the network in primetime. I'm personally interested in Oprah, Stern and Clooney. More info can be found here: Piers Morgan -
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    Ring of Honor Wrestling discussion

    Figured I'd start a thread on this wonderful wrestling promotion. Current champions: ROH World Champion: Roderick Strong ROH World Television Champion: Christopher Daniels ROH World Tag Team Champions: The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) Official website: ROH...
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    Disney Family Movies free preview

    According to the Disney Family Movies website, there will be a free preview of Disney Family Movies from September 2-6. Disney Family Movies - Home Participating providers in the free preview are: Comcast, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, Verizon FIOS, AT&T U-Verse and Suddenlink.
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    Jim Cornette challenges Vince Russo

    I'd pay to see it. I really would. :D
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    Rumor: WWE to unify all titles

    Source: Wrestlezone The belts don't seem to have much prestige or importance in WWE, so this might be the way to go *shrugs*...
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    Potential new WWE Diva

    She's 6'9 and is called Isis the Amazon... WWE Negotiating With 6-Foot 9-Inch Diva (Pictures)
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    "Tough" Tony Borne passes

    "Tough" Tony Borne passes away at 83 - Houston Pro Wrestling | R.I.P.
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    Luna Vachon passes on

    WWE: Inside WWE > News > Luna Vachon passes away First Cade, now Luna. I'm shocked. :(
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    Paul Heyman talks TNA and Dixie Carter...

    YouTube - TVTraX's Channel I miss Heyman. I really do. :(
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    Jake Roberts announces retirement

    Jake Roberts who turned 55 a little over two months ago, announced his retirement over the weekend: Source: Mike Johnson of PWInsider
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    Cornette's Commentary

    God, I freaking love this guy.... He tells it like it is and is pretty insightful... Some of my fav's: YouTube - Jim Cornette SHOOTS and says "F*** YOU" to WWE's Batista YouTube - JIm Cornette BURIES Joanie "Chyna" Laruer in Shoot Interview YouTube - Jim Cornette says "F*CK YOU"...
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    Do you watch mixed mixed arts like UFC & Strikeforce?

    It seems like a lot of wrestling fans also watch mixed martial arts like UFC and Strikeforce. Just curious if that is the case with anyone on these forums? Some names that have gone from wrestling to MMA or vice versa are Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, Tank Abbott, Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley...
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    The WWE Network

    Earlier this year, Vince announced plans for a WWE cable network. At the time, he anticipated that it would launch in mid-2011. Lately, I've heard that the WWE will go to the cable providers in January with a presentation about the channel. My question is, will it be a basic cable channel, or...
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    SARA guide update

    Good place to find out the latest on the SARA guide update for Scientific Atlanta areas: New Guide for Scientific Atlanta Cable Boxes : Comcast Voices | The Official Comcast Blog
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    Tag team wrestling

    It seems like Vince over the past few years has really de-emphasized tag team wrestling in his company. Even with the merger of the RAW and Smackdown tag titles, it doesn't seem like any relevant teams are being created. Current teams: RAW: Hart Dynasty (champs) Uso Brothers Santino and...
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    TNA Impact, PPV's discussion

    Since I did the same thing for WWE, I figured it would be only fair to do the same for TNA Impact and their PPV's. The following matches have been confirmed for No Surrender on 9/5: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy- Semi-finals of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship tournament; If Angle loses...
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    Where in the World is Scott Hall?

    The answer: A WWE sponsored rehab facility. Kevin Nash (RealKevinNash) on Twitter Best wishes to the Bad Guy. :) He was one of my favorites back in the 90s.
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    One of the greatest moments in RAW history...

    YouTube - Bret "Hitman" Hart snaps March 17, 1997 Now that's how you get people to order your PPV's. :)
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    Premium wrestling websites....

    Just curious if any of you guys subscribe to premium wrestling websites (Wrestling Observer, PWTorch, If so, are they worth the money?