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  1. raven316

    AT&T To Buy DIRECTV for $67 Billion

    Is there an advantage or disadvantage to buying D* through AT&T?
  2. raven316

    Trying to decide

    I have wired the entire house as it is and I run a splitter from the analog box to the VCR I use for the tuner on my PIP Vizio. Good thinking though, I didn't realize I could step down from an HD box to an analog tv.
  3. raven316

    Trying to decide

    I have been a Charter customer for years. Recently the went to a box for each TV and I have 5, 2 HD and 3 analog. I've gone back and forth on a dish but have not had one for 25 years. We are about to put a big addition on our house and this seems like it might be a good time. What bother me is...