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    PPV bomb drops on Feb 1st

    This is not a rumor. It begins April 15 on DirecTV.
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    What's happening with the Sat Launch?

    Except that they're already well ahead of DISH when it comes to HD. DirecTV's last launch went well, which boosted their HD content dramatically. DISH was trying to catch up, something now made exceedingly more difficult with the failure of AMC-14.
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    What's happening with the Sat Launch?

    That's interesting, because a friend of mine who lives in the same complex I live and is a DirecTV installer says almost ALL the installs he does are HD ones, and that probably 95% of all other DirecTV service calls are upgrades from SD to HD.
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    Calm Before the Storm?

    Just get an HR20 and an eSATA drive then.
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    Calm Before the Storm?

    I can't see any way DISH will be anywhere close to DirecTV's HD offerings by February. They might be able to light up a few HD channels between now and then, but they're not even going to be able to launch any new satellites until March/April/May at the earliest. Factor in 2 months or so of...
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    BIO. HD Premiers Nov 28th

    Right now, according to BIO executives, only DirecTV is scheduled to debut this channel on the 28th. When asked whether his company plans on debuting BIO, DISH Network CEO Charles Ergen said, "We don't have any plans on adding BIO, but we will add this to our HD count and reiterate that we are...
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    anyone see the new ads?

    It's the DISH new math. The way they count and recount their channels, it makes me wonder if they were in charge of the Florida vote count in the 2000 election.
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    When will we get CW or WGN in HD??

    Beginning in 2008, you will see fewer and fewer Cubs games on WGN Superstation. The soon-to-be-new-owner of the Cubs has stated several times that those games would transition off the superstation feed and the local WGN feed as well eventually.
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    New Direct TV Ad

    Yeah, only incoming meteors are allowed to do that. :D
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    CNBC reports that Tivo likely to win suit

    Then let's hope the same thing applies to Vonage, because the two cases are very similar--even the appeal is being heard by the same appellate court.
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    Comcast Sportsnet Philly

    Because the law requires them to do so.
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    MLB Extra Inings 2008

    It won't happen because the contract was signed this past spring. DISH would have to wait until the contract expires.
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    ESPN Cubs Blackout

    Level of attendance is irrelevant in Major League Baseball. In the NFL it matters. This entire blackout situation is solely MLB's fault, guys. If you wish to complain about it, contact Bob DuPuy, Chief Operating Officer or Major League Baseball. He's the guy who oversees the negotiations that...
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    PQ on NBC NFL Game Thursday

    I've read several news sources who all say the same thing: NBC's HD is the worst of all the 4 major networks. Several technical folks have blasted NBC for their poor HD quality.
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    Getting Jealous of Directv?

    DirecTV's HR20 can do the same thing, in case you're interested.