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  1. jimdandyvi

    Cutting the cord advice

    With a FREE proxy service you usually get what you pay for. To stream video you need a quality VPN provider that has enough servers with lots of bandwidth. Both of which cost money. I use 40 - 60GB of data monthly run through my VPN provider and I can stream smoothly form VPN servers...
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    AEREO TV using ROKU

    The point is to offer the equivalent of OTA reception to NYC residents using the internet instead of putting up an OTA antenna which isn't so easy if you live in a high rise.
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    Official New Slingbox Announcement

    Having a SlingSolo and having used it for the past several years with no problems I think is it a useful product and it works well with my Dish 211 receiver. Prior to installing a newer Sling Solo in the USVI I had a SlingBox with an analog tuner installed in Chicago in my son's condo...
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    With Roku's roll out of the service internationally channels are registered to specific markets. They have also made if difficult or perhaps now impossible to change the software on the Roku to register it in a different market from which it was purchased. If you plan on using a VPN...
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    Roku-Is it worth it?

    The quality is dependent on two primary factors. First it you subscribe to at least the basic package they devote more bandwidth to delivering TV to paying customers. Secondly the bandwidth you have available at the receiving end. That is why I prefer using USTVNOW vs my Slingbox in that...
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    Roku wireless - if you can't connect

    I don't think your fix is applicable to everyone. My Linksys 54G router is set to it assigns IPs in the range - 119 and I have never had a problem with my Roku connecting and streaming.
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    My experience has been that most proxy servers are to slow or destabilize the connection to make streaming video unwatchable. I have had much better luck using OpenVPN on a decent Internet connection. HD is available in the more expensive plans. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
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    Also their advertising isn't clear what channels you get. You get networks, CNN, ESPN , History , but by no means everything. Networks in 24.95 package are from PA. To get Springfield, IL you must subscribe to much more expensive package. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
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    It works OK. Picture quality can be quite good. Service is primarily for ex pats. DVR is great for watching US TV. when someplace where time zone is hours ahead EST. Who wants to watch NFL in middle of night. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
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    Locals for $12 / mo. from new startup

    You probably also will need an IP address that according to their look up table locates you in NYC. Not difficult but it will cost you a few bucks a month.
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    USTVNOW does the best they can to provide service. When you subscribe to the basic off air channels for free they don't have a lot of money to pay for bandwidth but they are trying. Here is an e-mail that I received from them last night. We invite you to watch the Super Bowl with us this...
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    I have used it to watch the major network stations. The picture quality is just so so. I watched an NFL game when I was traveling in Europe. It works both on my PC and my Roku. When the Fox station Dish provides in the USVI didn't carry the ALC series and the World Series I tried watching...
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    My Roku 2 XD streams perfectly on my 3Mbs down connection.
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    I just added Amazon to my Roku last week and I can't say they have everything but they sure have a lot. Picture quality is also very good on my somewhat slow connection. (1.5Mbs). With my prime subscription I got with my purchase of Kindal Fire there is even a lot of free video available.
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    Roku 2 HD

    People who have ordered them on line and live on the West coast are already posting first impressions and reviews.