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  1. papayazz

    dishnetwork stupid rules

    I just spent the last 20 minutes trying to have my wife's name removed from the account. she died last year and thought it would be no problem...boy was I wrong. they want a death certificate or all the info on it before they will do anything. they want SS numbers also. this is way out of line...
  2. papayazz

    What Will DISH Do Next?

    are you saying that if I have 3 tv's with the fire stick,that we can't watch different shows on each one? I just ordered two sticks after getting my first and thought it would be the way to cut out the joey's. hope I'm wrong
  3. papayazz

    new vizio tv

    wasn't concerned about using the tablet for the hopper or joey. was wondering about the ease in setting up the tv and using the apps in the tablet. I just want a great pic and easy remote use. sounds like its best to use the hopper remote and use the tablet for connecting to apps like you tube...
  4. papayazz

    new vizio tv

    plan on buying the new vizio m65. it has the tablet for all the extras..wondering if anybody else has bought this set and want to know if the tv and the tablet work well with the hopper? only know enough about computers and tablets to get me in trouble. just want to know if it is easy to get the...
  5. papayazz

    H3 volume variations

    I turned on the leveling just so the damn commercials will be the same level with the shows. I thought that the commercials couldn't be louder than the programs guess I was wrong.............
  6. papayazz

    Enter to Win a HopperGO!

    I would like to win a Hopper GO........................
  7. papayazz

    I hate my Joey!

    mine does the same thing..I hate that joey..keep hoping they will fix it...
  8. papayazz

    tnt on demand question

    I have the HWS
  9. papayazz

    tnt on demand question

    was watching the new show PUBLIC MORALS. At the end they said we could watch the first 4 shows on tnt on demand. there is no tnt on demand in the guide and going through the on demand button to tnt there is no icon for the show. why isn't there a slot for tnt on demand in the guide? thanks
  10. papayazz

    Flint market NBC25,Fox66 and The CW 46

    just saw on ABC channel 2( portland,or) we will lose the network saturday night. Dish fighting with all networks or just ABC? this is getting old...anybody know what is happening??
  11. papayazz

    DISH Invites Customers to Deflate the Game Not the Ads

    well that was a waste of time..mine doesn't work recorded thr last minute of the game and then all the crap afterwords,and the local stuff here in oregon... nothing has the icon. didn't dish know that the west starts at 7 not 3 in the afternoon?
  12. papayazz

    Pandora rebooting Joey?

    our joey reboots every time we use pandora after about 45 minutes and we have to sign in again..
  13. papayazz

    This EHD work with Hopper?

    according to the dish website it supports usb2.0 yours shows 3.0..does that make a difference?
  14. papayazz

    pandora on joey

    thank you........
  15. papayazz

    pandora on joey

    I just added pandora to my HWS..How do I get it to play on the joey? I hit the pandora icon on the joey and it tells me to go to there is nothing there to tell us how..what do I do so I can go from the hopper to the joey and listen to whats playing on the hopper? thanks
  16. papayazz

    Locals are freezing up

    mine are portland,oregon
  17. papayazz

    Locals are freezing up

    have had that problem for a long time..last night our locals froze up around 12:15 am and had to go to other channels to get them back up..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  18. papayazz

    Hopper with Sling sound problems with CBS!

  19. papayazz

    Hopper with Sling sound problems with CBS!

    I've had sound problems with cbs for months. the sound is always lower than any other station I have. during commercials the sound changes with each different sponsor. nobody seems to care or they can't figure it out.