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  1. maxmoto

    Windows 7 OEM version?

    from my experience you need to start the win7 upgrade from within xp do not boot from the dvd. that is when it should ask for the key. Sent from Droid
  2. maxmoto

    Connecting a mac to Vga

    do you have a regular dvi port or a minidvi?
  3. maxmoto

    Connecting a mac to Vga

    I have used 4 diffenent LCD tvs and none of them have limited my resolutions that low. All of them have gone up to 1366X768 or something like that. Can't test my new one... no vga port. I need a MiniDVI to HDMI adapter for my macbook.
  4. maxmoto

    Connecting a mac to Vga

    DELL DVI-to-VGA Adapter Cable FOR Dell OptiPlex 760 Desktop : Monitors: Flat Panel and Widescreen | Dell Try this.... not sure if it will work for your mac but it works for the dells that we have at work. Will run both analog and digital at the same time.
  5. maxmoto

    Strange Windows 7 Problem

    Rename the new machine with the old machine name and see what happens.