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  1. papayazz

    dishnetwork stupid rules

    I just spent the last 20 minutes trying to have my wife's name removed from the account. she died last year and thought it would be no problem...boy was I wrong. they want a death certificate or all the info on it before they will do anything. they want SS numbers also. this is way out of line...
  2. papayazz

    new vizio tv

    plan on buying the new vizio m65. it has the tablet for all the extras..wondering if anybody else has bought this set and want to know if the tv and the tablet work well with the hopper? only know enough about computers and tablets to get me in trouble. just want to know if it is easy to get the...
  3. papayazz

    tnt on demand question

    was watching the new show PUBLIC MORALS. At the end they said we could watch the first 4 shows on tnt on demand. there is no tnt on demand in the guide and going through the on demand button to tnt there is no icon for the show. why isn't there a slot for tnt on demand in the guide? thanks
  4. papayazz

    pandora on joey

    I just added pandora to my HWS..How do I get it to play on the joey? I hit the pandora icon on the joey and it tells me to go to there is nothing there to tell us how..what do I do so I can go from the hopper to the joey and listen to whats playing on the hopper? thanks
  5. papayazz

    hopper guide

    is there any way to have the guide forward 24hrs at a time like the 722 guide does? I can only go 3hrs at a time and that is a pain when looking ahead a few days...thanks
  6. papayazz

    rote for hopper

    Is there a remote I could use for the hopper that is very,very simple? I have a family member that has alzheimers and has problems remembering how to use the remote. I would like to find one that only has on/off,guide,channel up/down,and volume buttons. thanks for any help
  7. papayazz

    ABC SOUND?????????

    What is wrong with the sound on ABC?????? The sound will be normal than it drops down so much you can't hear it during commercials and previews. This morning I changed from CBS to ABC (10:00 am ) and couldn't hear the show at all but going back to CBS the sound is fine. What in the world is...
  8. papayazz

    HD Closed Captioning

    Has anybody else had problems with the CC on the HD channels? I get CLOSED CAPTIONING on some of the HD channels but FOX, ABC,TNT,A&E and a few others don't have CC. When I call in they act as if this is something new,I've been calling since July'06. They have told me if I wanted CC then watch...