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  1. HCI

    2008 R2 TS web access security certificate help

    I am working on setting up some remote app programs off our server. I have TS web access up and running but I am having a problem with the security certificate when I pull the site up remotely. I have the certificate installed in the trusted root certification store, and when I view the...
  2. HCI

    Static IP with a dual wan router.

    We have a dual wan router with dsl as the primary wan 1 port, and cable as the wan 2 port. The router is enabled to load share as long as both wan's are up, if one goes down the other takes over full control. A public static ip is setup on wan 1 of the router. We have two pieces of equipment we...
  3. HCI

    Vista/XP wireless printer sharing fix?

    I have an XP desktop that is connected to a printer. I am really only using the desktop as a print server. I have a laptop with dual boot Ubuntu and Vista. Everything is connected wireless and I have my laptop printer driver set to print to a local port //x/y. Here is the problem. I can...
  4. HCI

    Major help needed. MDU system

    I have spent the afternoon in the twilight zone. This is a job that I wired 6 months ago and only got signal inside of the house for a company that was doing a home automation system for the customer, I did not put the receivers in "the other company did" so I do not know if the system has...
  5. HCI

    Anyone have any life insurance policy knowledge?

    So my wife and I have had a life insurance policy for over 2 years with ING. Today I received a letter in the mail that her policy had been canceled due to non payment on Dec 20. I immediately logged onto my bank account website and pulled up were the last payment had been made and accepted on...
  6. HCI

    722 recording time

    The other day I noticed my remaining recording time was getting low on my 722, I went in and deleted 5 episodes of fringe which are 1 hour each. Before I done this I had 7 hours and some odd minutes, when I deleted it I only had 10 hours and some odd minutes. So I went in and deleted another 1...
  7. HCI

    Annual programming subscription

    Does Directv offer annual programming discounts? If so what are they.
  8. HCI

    Gas or Electric Heat/Appliances

    I currently have all electric appliances including a heat pump for heating. I have a natural gas pipeline a couple hundred yards from my house and have been looking into slowly converting everything over to gas. As I am trying to do research to validate my decision all that I can find on the web...
  9. HCI

    Blackberry trackball

    Is there anything in this world more frustrating. I have went through 3 this year!!!
  10. HCI

    prom night in mississippi

    Anyone going to be watching this documentary tonight? This is about a town's school that is not very far from were I am located that has a white prom and a black prom. There first integrated prom was in 2008.:eek:
  11. HCI

    KU LNB'S

    I have around 10 KU LNB's for sale. I have them on Ebay here KU LNB 11.70-12.20 Ghz - eBay (item 110405094088 end time Jul-20-09 13:41:14 PDT) Make me an offer on ebay and send me a P.M. here letting me know.
  12. HCI

    Netflix it!!!

    Movies you like, movies you have recently viewed, movies that suck, movies that are great, etc. TV shows as well. Into the Wild Fargo Desperado Lost Man on Wire Sideways Platoon
  13. HCI

    Interferance question

    I recently installed a 10 apartment complex with DTV. In one of the apartments when the receiver was hooked to the TV picture was normal "tv was hooked up by coax" but when I added the satellite feed tv would hum and lines on the tv would appear. I did try different receivers and different ports...
  14. HCI

    Adam and Eve?

    Remember Adam and Eve from the first episode? What are the chances thats Jack and Kate?
  15. HCI

    What type of dog do you have?

    Bosten 4 year old German Shepherd.
  16. HCI

    Looking to move

    My wife and I are looking to move within the next 2 years. We are dead set on the east coast somewhere and would like to be within an hour drive away from a major city. We will have between 40 to 50 thousand in savings plus "hopefully" some from selling our house. Two kids so schooling is...
  17. HCI

    For sale Denon AVR 589

    I have a Denon AVR 589 Denon USA | AVR-589 I bought around 3 months ago from Circuit City, HOWEVER I have seemed to misplaced the reciept. The unit is in perfect condition and comes with Remote, Manual, and the Audyssey mic. I have had no problems with it, I just like my Onkyo better so I am...
  18. HCI

    Local HD channel availability

    I know that at one time I saw a schedule of the Local HD channels in order they were being released. Just wondering if anyone knew were I could find that. I am wondering about Tupelo/Columbus, MS.
  19. HCI

    cannot view camera with internet explorer

    I have a wireless internet camera connected to my network. Have it setup through for over remote viewing. I have everything set up correctly including the port forwarding. I can view the camera find with Firefox but cannot with IE. I am using IE7. This would not normally be a problem...
  20. HCI

    Best musical decade

    What do you think is the best musical decade? I say the 60's, you had the Beatles of course, the Stones, Hendrix, Simon and Garfunkel, David Bowie, Dylan, Van Morrison just started out, Woodstock happened. I think the early 90's would be my second choice with the Seattle band phenomenon.