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  1. nelson61

    Sinclair warns of 112 channels being dropped by DISH next Monday (8/16)

    The business press says Sinclair had taken on a pile of high yield debt thinking the various distributors for locals would pay more. Did not work out. The regional sports is a different issue and has some other income options
  2. nelson61

    Phoenix NBC, KPNX OTA Guide is in Spanish NOT English???

    Probably was a corporate backroom screwup. Telemundo and nbc are sister companies in the NBCUNIVERSAL group.
  3. nelson61

    Echostar 23 Relocates to 110W

    Echostar has filed for another 60 days (to Oct 4) extension to move E23 to 110W.
  4. nelson61

    Dish And ATT sign Deal !

    The forums say audi shops can change out the 3g versions for 4g on the older model cars.
  5. nelson61

    Echostar 23 Relocates to 110W

    As I recall, there are two broad area beams on Echostar 23. One is the South America beam designed to cover Brazil from 44W The other is the North American Conus beam designed to cover the US from the various Echostar permitted longitudes. Both are standard KU transmission . The technical...
  6. nelson61

    insufficient bandwidth

    If you are running wireless, try a wired connection. could be a wifi problem.
  7. nelson61

    Loss of Locals on 77w

    Projected life ( a financial amortization estimate) and real life of the satellites are completely different animals. Echostar 10 and 11 at 110W could easily have another 10 years life beyond the published estimates. It's a guess as to what they are planning. Could be a shuffling of markets...
  8. nelson61

    Loss of Locals on 77w

    ECHOSTAR 23 is a KU Conus satellite (no spot beams ). It can replace one or all of the Conus beams at 110W when needed.
  9. nelson61

    Loss of Locals on 77w

    Are you receiving programming on another satellite ? 77 can not transmit activation or address location changes. You have to have one of the other satellites running on your receiver to accept the address change.
  10. nelson61

    Echostar 23 Relocates to 110W

    They have submitted a corrected filing to move Echostar 23 to 110W for use as an "in-orbit spare" with a requested approval date to be on or before July 16.
  11. nelson61

    Echostar 23 Relocates to 110W

    If they decide to move Echostar 23 to 110W, this is the area the Conus beam would cover.
  12. nelson61

    Echostar 23 Relocates to 110W

    Withdrew the application this morning( june 7) They might be making a correction in the application or have changed plans.
  13. nelson61

    Echostar 23 Relocates to 110W

    Echostar 23 was launched to 45W for what became a failed attempt to establish Brazilian service. Then it was moved to 72W for backup at that location (may never have been placed in operation at that location) Now they have filed to move it to 110W...
  14. nelson61

    Help setting up Dish 119 and 110

    I think it will work . DPP 1000 .2 LNBF FEATURES, continued • Includes an LNB input port for connection of a second dish to receive signal from a fourth orbital location. Connected receiver(s) receive signal from all four orbital locations², eliminating the need for an external switch
  15. nelson61

    Does Dish Anywhere work on a Fire Stick if you’re “moved”?

    first find out if it is connected. I use the Fing app on my phone to check device connections and ip addresses.
  16. nelson61

    Dish Sues Fitness Home Streaming Companies

    Bloomberg: Dish Network Corp. and its Sling TV unit filed lawsuits accusing three of the biggest players in streaming at-home fitness programs of infringing patents for technology that improves the quality of video content over the internet. The suits, filed Tuesday in federal courts in Texas...
  17. nelson61

    AT&T disappointed with offers for struggling DirecTV

    Att will have 70 percent of new company and some cash Yahoo Finance: AT&T to Spin Off Long-Suffering DirecTV in Deal With TPG.
  18. nelson61

    Successful Launch and deployment of SXM-7

    XMS FAILS DURING IN ORBIT TESTING . Evaluation in progress
  19. nelson61

    AT&T disappointed with offers for struggling DirecTV

    quarterly report is out. Again ugly
  20. nelson61

    Can't get signal back after disconnection

    In your settings does it see the switch or lnbs? HAve you tried a configuration rescan ? Sent from S10 Plus using the SatelliteGuys app!