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  1. lern4483

    HS17 issues

    Had the HS 17 Installed last week. Couple of issues. First runs slower then hr54. Also not recording from app? Keeps telling me my tv is not 4k? Have to reset unit and uncheck 720 Bizzare
  2. lern4483

    Bluetooth on Direct 4k mini?

    Ok, Is it possible to hookup a bluetooth adaptor to 4k mini? I run my audio straight into my receiver via hdmi. Ive seen optical and usb on back on mini... for possible hookup?? Thanks any assistance
  3. lern4483

    HR54 Picture quality?

    Just changed out from HR44 to HR54. Also changed out to new HDMI cable. Anyone notice picture not as good as HR44? I have made all proper settings verified though Direc tv. Still does not look as sharp?? thoughts?
  4. lern4483

    Dish to unveil 4k?

    Ok Im one of those people who have both Dish and Direct. Dish equipment still my favorite all around system. My favorite is being able to connect my Bose Headphones via blu tooth. But Im baffled that Dish has yet to showcase 4k.. Direct seems ahead though slightly with 4K Strange since Dish...
  5. lern4483

    4K mini and HR44...Your take

    I watch most of my tv on my 70 4k Sony Bedroom. I have my HR44 hooked up to it. My office (in house) has a 55'' Sony 4k Mini hooked up. Would you keep the HR44 which wont play 4k or switch out to 4k mini and put HR 44 on my third non 4k tv. Dilemma is this. The 4k minis are much slower than...
  6. lern4483

    Att possibly rebranding Direct tv

    I read that Att might get rid of the Direc tv name and use Att? How foolish would that be since Direct tv has such a strong foothold in the market? I hope that the direct product does not go down the tube. My take is they should leave well enough alone! Why take something that is working and...
  7. lern4483

    Direc vs comcast

    Yesterday Direc hooked up my folks. My dad is suffering from dementia and old age. So as a gift I bought him Direc for NFL ticket. They also have Comcast. Only had they for 4 months. Probably the worst customer service I have ever seen by far. I had them install the X1 new latest greatest...
  8. lern4483

    Need some advice

    I have direct tv. Whole package. Especially for NFL Ticket. One of main reasons I bought NFL ticket Was to watch my Ny jets with my dad. A ritual we have done since I was a kid. Dad, who lives 25 minutes north now has Onset of dementia and can't walk. In short cannot come to my house...
  9. lern4483

    Have my Shaw direc back up but?

    Strange, they added some excellent new HD channels. But I can't get them. I find out they added a new satelite and mapped it out of the country. They are not Bell? What happened to Shaw Direct(Star choice)
  10. lern4483

    client 41 or HR24?

    My brother has the option of changing out Client for HR24 free of charge.. Should he do the swap?
  11. lern4483

    Go Ny Rangers! What a comeback!!!!

    How bout them Ny Rangers! I could not sleep after that win! Lundqvist was insane..... Down 3-1 storm back and knock off Crosby and Co! Im not predicting anything. Not really sure how far this team can go but Im loving the journey! Go Rangers!!!
  12. lern4483

    need advice on equipment

    Still can't seem to get away from direc. I just helped my brother set up new service He has a HR44, HR24 and client. It was set up yesterday. He loves everything but client-its painfully slow. Yes, all settings are correct-I checked over phone with him :) Should he ask for a H25? or HR24. He...
  13. lern4483

    Office of President cannot remove flags. My next move?

    Ok, Just got off with office of president and they can't do a thing. To recap, I have had an old red flag on acct for 2 years. I received it originally for getting to many credits due to equipment issues. Back then, if I had known this I would have told them to hold off on credits. So, as of...
  14. lern4483

    30 sec skip code for direc dvr??

    Cant remember the skip code and how to?? Can someone post for me.. thanks so much...
  15. lern4483

    Issues with Direc customer service-Once again. Your thoughts?

    Ill start off by saying I enjoy directs sports programming! Every year I purchase without fail NHL, NFL and NBA. I have the choice extra classic package...I think its not available anymore. I have one HR44 and 2 HR24.. Ive been with direc since 1997...the early days. My bill ranges to...
  16. lern4483

    Problems with my HR 44

    Yesterday unit went to a screen I've never seen before. Scanning disc. It would cycle through to 100 Catch errors. However it's been non stop. I'd pull plug reboot. Nothing doing. Internal hard drive issue. Replacement due in two days. Anyone seen this with their 44?
  17. lern4483

    looking for satelite installer east coast south florida

    Im looking to reconnect my starchoice sat. My installer is out of business. Any South Floridians know anyone??? Please send me PM. Thanks
  18. lern4483

    Want to get local HD without antenna

    Have not had an antenna on roof since Last hurricane knocked it down. Is there a non antenna way to get local And local over air channels. Don't want to add another roof antenna. Would like to run through Direc HR44. Thanks.
  19. lern4483

    USA vs CANADA Mens Hockey

    Here we go again!!! C'mon USA it's time to take out Canada! We are down 1 nothing.
  20. lern4483

    Genie nice price

    Just got an email for an HR44. 199 At Solid Signal. Sounds good to me. I paid 349 bought from Solid Signal Several months ago.