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  1. Lone Gunman

    Transponders On 99w With Correct Time??

    Does anyone know of any transponders on 99w Cband that have the correct time on them? Thanks................
  2. Lone Gunman

    Video Editing Info Needed..............

    OK so I need some help and I looked around the site trying to figure out where to post this BUT, didn’t see any place that I thought it ought to be in so here goes. If there’s a better one than this one, then by all means move it. Last night I did a recording test in preparation for next weeks...
  3. Lone Gunman


    Need some help. What is the difference between DVB-S2 (QPSK) and DVB-S2 (HBCD) modulation? Asking for a friend..........................;)
  4. Lone Gunman

    GEOSATpro Micro HD Boot Problem?

    One of my Micro HD receivers has had a boot problem now for a while and it's getting worse as time goes on. What it's doing is, when I turn the power strip on to boot up it won't show me the "RED" LED at 15 seconds into the boot process and it seems to lock up and not do anything more. I turn...
  5. Lone Gunman

    Openbox Daily Timed Recording Problem With Openbox S9?

    With one of my last two Micro HD receivers starting to screw up I brought out my old Openbox S9s a couple of weeks ago to do daily recording. They work kinda OK with one exception. When I set the “Daily” timed recording for the Decades channel on 101w they will record the next morning at 8am...
  6. Lone Gunman

    Openbox Openbox S9 User Manual?

    Looking for an Openbox S9 user manual. I've got two of those and both boxes are behind me on the shelf but so help me I can't find either of those manuals here in my shop??? I know I had them at one time cuz I'm a pack rat and never EVER throw anything away but so help me I can't find either...
  7. Lone Gunman

    Balun Info?

    I've been having problems with my OTA setup now for some time and just decided a while back not to do anything with it until after the "repack" was finished. Well, "repack" was done last week and I'm getting even less channels than before so it's time to do something. Question on baluns, so...
  8. Lone Gunman

    Anyone Seen Wallyhts?

    Anyone seen Wallyhts lately? I just tried to PM him and got a message right back that says he's away, and, search shows it's been a while since he posted on here? Anyone?
  9. Lone Gunman

    GEOSATpro Micro HD Taking A Dump?

    Well, for about a week or so one of my Micro HD receivers has been acting up. What it's doing is the picture is going on and off in like 3 or 4 second intervals and it's getting hot as a pistol, ie, measured the heat sink with my IR heat gun and it was 165*??? The heat doesn't start building...
  10. Lone Gunman

    Economical OTA Recording Equipment?

    Don't know exactly what I'm looking for here, but, what I want to do is be able to record TV shows I receive that are broadcast OTA to my TV? Sort of like what I do with my satellite TV recorder only just OTA stuff. What I'm looking for is just the basic stuff without a bunch of bells and...
  11. Lone Gunman

    OTHER C/Ku LNBF Ku Reception Problem Solution

    Would like a confirmation on this from “Those In The Know”. I've got a C/Ku LNBF I'm experimenting with that has a problem of sorts receiving 103w Ku signals. I've noticed that the little antenna wires down in the Ku section don't “seem” to be 90 degrees apart like most I've looked at, so, is...
  12. Lone Gunman

    OTHER Eagle Aspen v4000 LNBF Setup

    OK so the pics posted are of that Eagle Aspen LNBF that was “donated” to me by a kind soul here on Sat Guys last winter and the weather has finally gotten good enough to try to install it to see how it works. What I don't know is how to set the polarity/skew on it? Down on the lower end it's got...
  13. Lone Gunman

    R.I.P. DMX741 LNBF!

    Well, one of my last two DMX-741 LNBFs took a dump! That leaves only the one on my Winegard dish. Where is WSI when you need them!!! This one that quit working was on the Raydx and it's really funny how it went down. It was working flawlessly up until we got 11.5” of snow back about a month ago...
  14. Lone Gunman

    Satellite Guys "The List" Link Missing??

    Went looking for "The List" to verify some stuff on my Micro HD channel list last weekend and it's not there anymore? It used to be down at the bottom of the page but now it's missing? :deadhorse2
  15. Lone Gunman

    OTA TV Channel Scans and SNOW??

    OK, so I’ve been having problems picking up some OTA channels in my area now for some time. Latest scans done a while back only got me 18 channels, which is a little over half what I was getting before the the last redo of local channels? Since then the channel count has been up and down between...
  16. Lone Gunman

    OTHER Why Are SR Numbers Off?

    Got a question about the SR numbers on one of my systems. Example: I just finished doing a rescan of 107w with both my Winegard and Raydx systems using 2 different Micro HD receivers. Raydx has a DMX741 LNBF with the old style metal cap on the Ku end and the Winegard has a newer WSI NS741...
  17. Lone Gunman

    RIP KRBK...........

    Just went to KRBK and it's dead as a hammer! :( I sure will miss that one!!!!
  18. Lone Gunman

    No Way To Mark All Forums As Having Been Read?

    Just went to close out for the night and mark all forums as read but there's no way to do that now?? Search Forums has replaced that function and I don't see it anywhere else?:wtf
  19. Lone Gunman

    Vbox 7 Pic For KE4EST

    Tried to post this in the "conversations" section but there's no way that I can see to upload a picture?? So here it is and you can delete this post after you look at it.
  20. Lone Gunman

    Signature Section Question

    Noticed some time ago that something has changed with the board software and the last line of my signature is blocked? Anyone know what is different that caused this? Thanks