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    Hopper 3 keeps rebooting

    I am chatting with Dish and they want me to plug it in to a different electrical outlet. Of course the receiver is working fine while I am troubleshooting with them.
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    Hopper 3 keeps rebooting

    My Hopper 3 keeps rebooting itself while I am watching live tv or recordings. It doesn't matter what the we are watching. One was on local channels, one was an over the air local, 106 and news. It is really annoying and I don't know if it is worth calling Dish because they will just say to...
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    Transfer to Fire tablet stuck on preparing

    I am having a problem transferring a movie to my new Fire HD tablet. It is stuck on waiting to to prepare message in the transfer que on the mobile app. It has been stuck like that for a day now. I tried to cancel it and it does not cancel. I shut down the tablet and restarted it and the movie...
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    Freeform Shows disappearing

    Thank you I will look at that.
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    Freeform Shows disappearing

    I have a timer to record all episodes of The Middle on Freeform channel. Occasionally shows will disappear before we have a chance to watch it. Sometimes it is within 2 days, sometimes longer. The shows are not in a different folder or the trash. This has only happened with this this...
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    Upgrading from Hopper sling to Hopper 3

    I am upgrading from Hopper with Sling to the Hopper 3 in a few days. I want to be able to transfer my recordings and dvr schedule to the new Hopper. I plugged in a external hard drive and only got the option to transfer 1 of my shows. The tv movies and other shows are not showing up when I...
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    Prime Time Anytime

    Thank you. I have the original Hopper so I guess that is not possible.
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    Prime Time Anytime

    I was wondering if there is any way that I can set record Prime Time Anytime to record using my over the air antenna. I do have the antenna plugged in to my Hopper receiver. I am trying to save on my monthly bill since I have a good antenna. Thanks.
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    Locals are not working

    Reset worked. Thanks.
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    Locals are not working

    I have Dish Hopper and the local channels are not coming in at all. They show up in the program guide but are black when I click on them. The worked finein the morning. Is there a sat out from Dish?
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    Sirius Garth Brooks

    SiriusXM 55 is supposed to be the new Garth Brooks channel. It is showing up as Utopia. Does anyone know why we are not getting Garth Brooks? Thanks.
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    SiriusXM Channels are not on Dish Anywhere

    I cannot find the SiriusXM music channels in the Dish Anywhere App. Occasionally if I am away from home I would like to set a music channel to record, or listen live. I also noticed now I cannot record SiriusXM channels when I at home using the Hopper DVR. Is this a feature that Dish is...
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    Dot on screen comes and goes

    I have been seeing a dot on the screen for about a month. It is orange and black and on the bottom left of the screen. It did go away when I reset the receiver but it is back again. Thanks for any help.
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    Windows 8 Tablet

    I am considering buying a Windows 8 tablet. I think I already know the answer but is it possible to transfer shows from my hopper DVR to a Windows 8 tablet to watch while I'm off-line? Thanks.
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    Dish Anywhere not playing shows

    The HDX is the only advertised Fire that works, but my Fire HD did work until recently. I contacted Dish supported and is a known issue and they are working on it. I have the space and the shows get transfered. The scrreem goes black when I press play.
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    Dish Anywhere not playing shows

    I have always used dish anywhere app to transfer shows and music with no problems. Lately my shows have not played after transferring. I tap on the show in the app and nothing happens. I have the Kindle Fire HD. I have version 4.3.26. I tried downgrading the app to older versions and no...
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    Specs for Home Media Videos

    My videos are all h.264 mp4 and used to play but now do not play. Maybe there was a firmware update that mades things worse.
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    Specs for Home Media Videos

    Hi, Does anyone know the specs for the video files that the Hopper home media can play? I have a usb drive attached to my Netgear router that is a DLNA server. The files are h.264 mp4. Most of them will not play through the Hopper home media app. Help please.
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    Media Server is Buggy

    I just hooked up a media server and accessed it with my Hopper for the first time over the weekend. It is a great step forward in technology, but see some bugs. When I play a movie and want to stop it there is not a way to resume. I have to start over from the beginning each time. Is this...
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    Will Netflix ever work on Joey

    Thanks everyone