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  1. gadgtfreek

    Sony A8F Oled

    Looking at adding a second OLED to the house, since I love the A1E I think this will be my choice. Been keeping up with comparisons at AVS from people like Dnice, seems the Sony’s are still a little ahead LG’s new chip in video processing and motion, and it has been confirmed the A8F is using...
  2. gadgtfreek

    Panasonic UB200

    Grabbed one from Value Electronics since they are such a good price, wanted to compare to the X700. 700 will of course get Dolby Vision, you will have to get the Jul/Aug Panny new models for DV The 200 is actually even smaller than the 700; I like the look of the 200 better 700 has dual hdmi...
  3. gadgtfreek

    2018 Sony UBP-X700 UHD Player (Will get Dolby Vision this year)

    OK, if you owned an X800, same ol same ol for menus. Few things to note: Amazon App has HDR They finally call it BD Secondary Audio in the menu (to turn on or off) Only 2ghz wifi (hit 60mbps on the Netflix speed test which is normal for me with 2ghz) In the pics you will see the drive on one...
  4. gadgtfreek

    Sony's Dolby Vision Update for Select Models is Live!

    Can download or what for tv to get update.
  5. gadgtfreek

    Some information for 2017 LG OLED owners

    I have been doing a lot of research on the 2017 Sony and LG models for a friend and came across the following cal document. I confirmed with a calibrator. Keep in mind this applies to 2017 models ONLY, I think the Active HDR is a menu option for 2018, wherein 2017 they hid it. 2016 does not have...
  6. gadgtfreek

    2018 LG OLED's are bringing it

    C series get a 77" (should mean great pricing later in the year) 3D Lut that works with Auto Cal Plus DV calibration with Calman and more indpeth HDR cal controls.
  7. gadgtfreek

    Panasonic unveils combo Dolby Vision / HDR10+ UHD BD player

    Oh, I will have the 820 if they release here. Panasonic unveils combo Dolby Vision / HDR10+ UHD BD player - FlatpanelsHD
  8. gadgtfreek burn in test

    About what I figured, no way to really abuse an IPS or VA panel, but OLED can be abused. Still, extreme cases and IR nothing like plasma...
  9. gadgtfreek

    2016 Yamaha's get Dolby Vision and HLG update

    RX-V1081/RX-V2081/RX-V3081/RX-A1060/RX-A2060/RX-A3060 Firmware Update Version 1.32 Yamaha is pleased to offer the following firmware update to ensure the best possible performance and latest features for your AV receiver. This firmware includes 1. Support for Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma...
  10. gadgtfreek

    Outlaw Model 976 is out

    For you folks that enjoy pre pro's, Outlaw finally has their new Dolby Vision model out. Simple auto EQ, and has a PEQ as well with up to 7.2. Not a bad price if you pair it with a nice 7 channel amp and dual subs. Outlaw Audio Model 976
  11. gadgtfreek

    1000 (DTV) is currently not available

    So, went to hop on on demand and got that, first for me and the install is 6 months old. Hit dash and verified it is connected to the net, so I did the double reset and cleared everything out. If I still have the same issue in 24 hours or whatever, what is the next step?
  12. gadgtfreek

    Firefox Quantum

    Got on the beta after an email this weekend. This thing is SNAPPY, really glad they juiced things up.
  13. gadgtfreek

    Stumbled on a nice place for ordering movies

    I have been trying to use Best Buy and Walmart more to shop around since Amazon charges taxes here now. Someone turned me onto Bull Moose. I ordered 4 movies a week ago that release tomorrow, free shipping, no tax, they shipped Friday and arrive today. Order was $20 less than if I add all those...
  14. gadgtfreek

    Sony XBR-75X940E

    First impressions, coming from a 65" E6 OLED (keeping in mind no pitch black room viewing yet): Doesn't look big sitting there, but dang when its on from 9.5 feet, took a little getting used to. Going to be great during movies. As expected, motion is much better than the OLED. After some...
  15. gadgtfreek

    HR54-700 System Info Screen Doesn't Work

    I can run a system test, and it comes back OK, but if you just try and look at the detailed system info, the little working bar pops up, but it isn't moving like it is working, and it will just sit there without ever loading info.
  16. gadgtfreek

    Moving back to Directv, got some great deals bundling with ATT internet

    Had moved to mediacom because it was a great deal to bundle with their cable internet service when they put it into my area. Well, a couple of months ago we got ATT gigabit internet and I swapped, and love it. Now the mediacom TV deal ain't so hot. Decided to go ahead and check the bundle...
  17. gadgtfreek

    Anyone running Dish and Directv?

    I left satellite awhile back because we finally got cable here and I wanted better internet, so I bundled. Fast forward we now have ATT Gigabit, so I have swapped to that for internet, which makes the mediacom wasteful and expensive. Was considering Directv bundle with a dvr and client, to...
  18. gadgtfreek

    Power Sound MTM-210 and Yamaha A3060

    Going to be drastically changing my system up in the next two weeks. For a long while I have had huge Klipsch towers and the center (RF7II and RC64II), but I find myself wanting a little room freed up, and maybe something with a less in your face horn. Plus I never do 2 channel music any more...
  19. gadgtfreek

    Swap to ATT gigabit from Mediacom cable

    We waited for ever to get better HSI in our area and Mediacom came in last summer so I signed up. I had hear so-so things about them, and the first couple of months were bumpy with speeds. They overexpanded I guess. Things smoothed out, and around Dec they updated my speeds from 150 down to 200...