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    Winter Olympics: No closing ceremony in 4K?

    I am pretty sure I saw few days ago in the guide that the closing ceremony will be shown in 4K but now I don't see it anymore. Are they not going to show it?
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    Occasional Lost Broadband Connection 1305

    One of our Joeys on occasion reports "Lost Broadband Connection 1305" and few seconds later everything is back to normal. This doesn't happen very often, maybe once every few days and on occasion, like today, it happens twice an evening. The Hopper 3 is connected via Wi-Fi and gets a signal...
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    Hooper 3 BUG: Manual Timer Creation is Broken

    So, I am trying to create a manual timer to record channel 613 every Thursday between 7:40PM and 9:40PM. I select channel 613. Select Weekly. Select Thursday. Enter the time range. Select Create. Going back to timer list and edit the timer. Recording day is set to Friday. What? I change it to...
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    Arghhh, I am so frustrated with the H3 timers situation

    This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Almost weekly I find a timer or two that doesn't record for some reason. Yeah, I heard about the guide issue, but I don't care. Dish needs to fix this! Today both The Magicians and The Expanse didn't fire. Why? No idea. I had to remove the timers and add...
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    Bug Report: H3 Firmware U343 - Unable to create timer via guide

    This is a new one for me. My wife tries to set a series timer on channel 613 (The Israeli Channel) via the guide for a program called "A Wonderful Country 14" which starts on Tuesday 2/21/17 @ 8:00pm. The Hopper tells her that the timer has been set but doesn't show the red clock face on the...
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    Hopper 3 U341 Bug Report - External Hard Drive (EHD)

    If I start transferring programs to the EHD and stay on the screen displaying the progress at some point in the middle it gets stuck. If at that point I go to live TV and then back to the EHD the progress bar resets to 0. Pressing stop causes the progress bar to jump to the point it got stuck at...
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    Is there an official way to report bugs to Dish?

    I know I can call a support rep and go through the whole spiel trying to convince them that I found a bug in the H3 software but I am not always sure that the information I convey to the rep gets reported correctly. Is there a better way I can do that? Like on-line?
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    Quarry on Cinemax VOD

    I missed Quarry when it was shown originally on Cinemax. Now that I started watching it on VOD I noticed that only the first 6 episodes are available out of the total of 8. What gives? Is this normal to not have the later episodes available? Are they being added in stages? I also noticed that...
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    Unmounting/ejecting external drive connected to Hopper?

    Is there a way to properly eject/unmount an external drive connected to the Hopper? It happened to me few times now that when I disconnected the external drive to connect another that the Hopper crashed and rebooted itself. This time after the crash the Joeys can no longer see and connect to...
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    How well do 2 hoppers integrate?

    Currently I have a 1 original Hopper and 2 Joeys setup and I am thinking of replacing the Hopper with a HWS and replace one of the Joeys with a second HWS before the fee increase kick in on 5/23. My question is how well will the two Hoppers integrate? Will the two Hoppers look like one Hopper...
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    Hopper doesn't schedule recordings correctly

    Channel: 613, ISRLI. Created a series timer for "Prisoners of War" (the original Homeland BTW). Set it to record New and Reruns and to start 15 minutes before and end 30 minutes after. My wife noticed that this weeks episodes were not set to record however next week's ones were. To test I...
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    Partial recordings

    Few times now I found programs that didn't record all the way to the end. I just found out that the season finale of Boss stopped recording after about 30 minutes. Unfortunately I saw this happen on other shows as well with no indication why the recoding stopped. It was not space issue since I...
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    Hopper's Closed Captioning slow to sync

    I have seen the same problem with all software versions up to and including S209. After pausing, skipping, displaying info, etc. in many cases it takes a while for the hopper to start displaying the CC again. Sometimes I have to skip back few times until it syncs up with the CC and starts...
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    Hopper froze tonight during nightly update

    Tonight, as, usual, my Hopper popped the message about turning itself off for the nightly update (I wish it was done later than 1am). Except that this time it did not show the usual timer but rather froze on a black screen. After 20 minutes I had to press the red reset button to reboot.