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  1. spindoctor

    New C Band Feedhorn Design

    VITO the guy that was on telesatellite magazine gave me an idea yesterday what if ....the scalar ring was much deeper........well take a look waiting for your comments.
  2. spindoctor

    Bsc621-2 C/ku Lnbf

    the one everyone is ordering tested it for 1 day so i am selling it as used. 53.00 shipped PAYPAL ONLY thanks john
  3. spindoctor

    Article from Light Reading: HBO Exec: Sling Slags Copyrights

    BAD NEWS APRIL 25, 2006 LAS VEGAS -- NAB 2006 -- Sling Media Inc. says its "place shifting" product is good for content owners and distributors, but at least one content owner -- Time Warner Inc. (NYSE: TWX - message board) division HBO -- disagrees. (See Sling Media: We're Good for...
  4. spindoctor

    If Have Alot Of Snow And Your Signal Is Low

    here is a solution on ebay 7608903029
  5. spindoctor

    Fta Hd Receiver and pvr too and does MPEG4 also ,it would be nice if it did 4:2:2 too
  6. spindoctor

    what it would take 4U to sell out to charlie?

    free equipment a picture with him free programming that you can't watch couple more promises this becoming a charlie site
  7. spindoctor

    When You Call Charlie MONDAY

    speak your mind get it off your chest tell him how pretty he looked..... with the other guys at ces but first to get through the screeners, be very pollite and when you are on the air GIVE IT TO HIM finish it with ......... i want to cancel my sub now..........
  8. spindoctor

    MPEG4 -charlie & the HD lite factory can keep them

    no reason to ... simply i don't care ....i am not buying
  9. spindoctor

    President Of Dish Spoke The Truth

    By offering many news services and programs, “we want to make it exciting for consumers so they'll want to migrate to the VIP series,” Neuman said. He felt the changeover was a “consumer non-event. There's no reason for them to care about MPEG-2 or MPEG-4. The reasons for them to care are the...
  10. spindoctor

    The New Broadcast Flag

    i didnt see anyone posting it actually this is worse
  11. spindoctor

    new receiver pansat 2700E SAME AS "A" BUT NO RF CH. 3/4 OUT now whats the purpose of this i really ....dont undestand manufacturers