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    Free dish's

    6 foot prime focus with lnbf, 3 foot offset with Invacom and Stab, and 30 inch offset. Come and get them. PM me if interested.
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    Moog etherwave theremin

    Like new $300 shipped, conus only.
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    Free for the diging

    Due to trees and other reasons I will give away my two dish's. I have a 6-foot prime focus C-band and a 3-foot offset KU-band. Both come complete with lnbf's and a Stab motor. The only catch is you have to dig out the posts. There's not a lot of concrete because I knew they would have to come...
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    G.I. DSR-410

    General Instrument DSR-410 bought from Skyvision 3yrs ago. Complete with remote, user guide, and monster A/V cable. Unit is currently subbed to H2H and working fine. Asking $150 shipped or $100 pick-up, live in Twin Cities, MN. PM me for details.
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    Scanner any good?

    Got a old BC895XLT I dug up. Is this thing any good or just another doorstop?
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    Help with elevation

    My offset dish has 24 degree offset, I need to be at 38, if I put my angle meter on the bottom of the dish and set it at 14 degrees will that work?
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    410 W5 system

    Since SRL is closed weekends I'll put my question here. I see a lot of channels on W5 that dont show up on my program guide, could I sub to those or am I limited to the channels on my guide?
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    correct time

    Is ther anyway to correct the time on the 410? time and guide one hour slow and I dont see anything in the menu to correct this. and what is this trip count counting?
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    410 install

    since the 410 from skyvision comes set up for w5 only, is that the only sat that will give me green or will I get it from others too? could be a real time saver if it was just w5.
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    A big thank you

    I don't know if this is allowed because I don't see them up top as a sponser, but I just want to thank skyview publicly for there great reponse with my damaged dish. I had a replacement the next day. thank you skyview.
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    skyview delivery

    got my 410 w5 package from skyvision today. glad to see the dish is a pole mount , not so glad to see 4 of the 6 panels damaged, nothing I cant fix but still a bummer. It seems every dish I buy comes dented somewhere. Can't wait to get going on this. Comcast is dust! I've been doing alot of...
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    what dish

    does anyone know what make & model 6ft. dish you get with the skyvision DSR410 package ? All it says is 6ft. prime focus.
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    Skyvision DSR410 system

    All programing on one sat, no movement necessary. This system comes with 6ft. dish. I live in MN, is this big enough?